hhc_diagramTo celebrate the pending arrival of ACT v18 on December 8th, Keystroke is making the following exclusive "Early Bird" offer...

One Year of Free Handheld Contact with all new ACT! subscription orders before December 8th.

Online or off, ACT and Handheld Contact provides you access to your critical ACT data anywhere, anytime. Think of HHC as your "mobile offline version of Act!", that puts all your contacts, activities, Histories, & Notes at your finger tips, enabling you to update your records, and email or call right from within HHC.
What's better is all emails and calls made within HHC get recorded in your ACT History, so nothing gets missed or forgotten in your travels. It’s like taking your office with you.



HHC combined with Act! will help your productivity & accountability in a variety of ways:

    • Fast offline access to your contacts and calendar


    • Offline meeting reminders so you never miss an appointment or  task


    • Call or email anyone in your database from one central source, and always have a History of your mobile communications


    • Export your HHC contacts to your device's native address book for better blue tooth access in the car


    • Configurable sync fields allow you up to fifty additional fields to sync from your ACT to your mobile device for unparalleled offline visibility on your critical customer data.

The ACT subscription offering includes the following benefits:

    • Act! Premium available on Windows®, Web & Mobile


    • Act! Emarketing (email up to 500 contacts at no extra cost)


    • Expert technical support from Swiftpage


    • Video training (up to 5 hours)


    •  Automatic product & feature updates, which will include the current ACT Premium 17 AND the soon to be released ACT V18.

Contact Details hHCdefault HHC-iphone  

ACT v18 includes the following:

    • Compatibility updates for Windows 10, Office 2016, Internet Explorer 11, and Google Chrome


    • A faster ACT for Web experience with enhanced offline caching


    • A refresh of the user interface, along with improvements in calendar functionality which will make it more tolerant to browser updates


    • And enhanced licensing feature that allows users to simply fuel their license key with new seats as needed


    • The introduction of a new ACT for Web API which will pave the way for greater add-on support for that platform


    • Get new service packs and feature releases at the click of a mouse


    • Further enhancements to ACT E-marketing

Please click on the snippits below to view the different looks of ACT v18 and ACT Cloud v18

APFW Calendar apfw login Call list filtering WebAPI
v18 ACT for Web Interface v18 Web Login v18 AEM Call Lists v18 Web API


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