By Karen Fredricks of Techbenders

When I was five I spent a week with my family at a vacation spot that included a water park with a rather large slide going into the deep end of the pool.  My older brother and sister spent the week using that slide but alas, I was too scared to try it.  I remember climbing to the top of the ladder and then climbing back down again because I was too frightened to” take the plunge.”
Finally, on the last day of our vacation I accidentally slid down the slide; to this day I’m convinced that my brother precipitated this accident with a gentle nudge. In any event, I escaped unscathed and spent the remainder of the day using that slide.
When it comes to marketing there are two elements that I recommend:  ACT! and an ACT! E-Marketing account.  I routinely set up a trial ACT! E-Marketing account for my ACT! clients.  Unfortunately, just like my slide, too many people are afraid to take that initial plunge.  Maybe I’m over-simplifying things a bit after all, I write Dummies books and software “cookbooks” but I think I can get your e-marketing efforts off the ground with three simple steps.
This article covers the first of those three steps:  designing your templates. I’m finding that too often potential marketeers  get  caught up with the design of their e-mail templates.  They spend way too much time trying to create spiffy, eye-catching holiday templates not realizing that most of those templates are probably just going to end up in someone’s spam filter.
In my opinion, you need three, and only three, templates in your arsenal:

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2014-01-03 20:39:45
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