A group of 150 leading Canadian CEOs is appealing to Stephen Harper to alter course on a wireless competition policy they say would hobble domestic companies while giving privileged treatment to a deep-pocketed foreign wireless player such as Verizon Communications Inc.
The Canadian Council of Chief Executives delivered a letter to the Prime Minister late last week asking him to rethink rules that president John Manley says would give Verizon, which is considering expanding into Canada, a preferential right to buy wireless spectrum.
The group’s intervention is a clear signal that corporate Canada is now widely concerned about the Harper government’s strategy for shaking up Canada’s wireless market.
Mr. Manley said the chief executives, who collectively represent every industrial sector, rarely speak out on matters specific to one industry but feel in this case there are broader principles at stake.
“Your government has clearly indicated its desire for increased competition in the telecommunications sector,” Mr. Manley wrote in a July 26 letter to Mr. Harper. “While we as a council support that objective, we also believe that public policy should not discriminate against Canadian companies in favour of large foreign operators.”

via CEOs assail wireless rules that give edge to Verizon - The Globe and Mail..

2013-07-29 09:59:42
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