Since Swiftpage first took over Act! in 2013,  many tiers of subscription customers have evolved – first under Business Care and then later under Act! Premium Subscription. The numerous iterations of these subscription customers included Business Care migrators, Loyalty, Early Adopters, as well as full-rate on-premise and cloud customers, with several of these plans being grandfathered along the way.

Last week Swiftpage launched their fall campaigns and announced their intention to migrate all these subscription accounts over to Growth Suite by the end of next year. There were four campaigns in all, and each had different migration paths for the different subscription tiers. Initially, Swiftpage signaled an intention to allow Standard users to receive free Growth Suite fulfillment with their 2020 renewal, and therefore excluded them from all campaigns.
Shortly after the launch, Swiftpage received a lot of feedback that some of these subscription segments were receiving fewer benefits than these Standard users, so Swiftpage made the decision to treat standard rate cloud and on-premise subscribers in a similar fashion.
The net effect of this change is Act! Premium Cloud and on-premise Act! Subscribers currently paying $420 & $300 respectively will be allowed to renew their accounts renew normally in 2020 without disruption or changes to their plans. Growth Suite Professional will still be available to both of them for a nominal upgrade fee, but these options would be at the customers discretion.

All other fall campaigns will continue unchanged for the balance of this calendar year.
We apologize for the quick course correction after the campaign launches, but we value our community’s feedback, and we’re committed to responding when unintended consequences arise from changes in policy.
2019-10-11 20:51:51
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