Over the past quarter-century, we’ve seen many different types of businesses with many different approaches to success. Some we’ve enabled with efficiency tools, while others inspired us to deliver on their unique CRM requirements. In both cases, the success these customers enjoyed depended on their deployment of technology to grow their business, and it’s in recognition of these efforts that we’re launching our new “Bold Acts” campaign.

Each month we’ll feature in our newsletter one customer that is using Act! in a unique and effective way to build their business. This unique use, which we’ll also highlight in our blog and all our social media forums, can involve the implementation of add-ons, or the integration with accounting or project management tools, or even the deployment of custom tables.

Whatever the case, we believe customer success stories deserve special focus because they can inspire others to deploy similar approaches in their business, and create a success ripple that benefits everyone.

New Monthly Feature
This monthly feature will be called “Bold Acts” as a play on our “Act! Bold” mantra, and we’ll be setting up a nomination page HERE for people to nominate others or even themselves for this special focus. The nomination must detail how they’re uniquely using Act! in their business, and in what ways it’s been a success – whether that’s in improved efficiency, productivity, accountability, or profitability.


Success comes in many forms, and we intend to focus on as many different manifestations of it as possible so that we can recognize the ingenuity of our customers, while hopefully inspiring the same in others. Our first Bold Acts story will come tomorrow. The story of how a Soundproof Window company used Act!, HHC, and Quoting to manage their pipeline faster, easier, and more profitably.


2019-09-09 14:15:59
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