Strategic_Business_GrowthTo say the last year has been exciting for us at Keystroke would be an understatement. So much has changed in a short while, and the business growth has been so incredible that sometimes we have to stop and take stock of what has transpired.

As we headed into 2013 sales were strong and we were firmly ensconced in 4th place for North American ACT sales. A respectable accomplishment, and one we had worked hard to achieve, however more was to come:

    1. In May of 2013 we acquired the ACT book of business from Belmar Consulting in British Columbia, effectively giving us all the ACT! sales & support business in that province.


    1. Over the following few months we hosted two Roadshows, one in Ontario and another in BC to celebrate the launch of ACT v16.


    1. In September Michael Johnston joined our team, and immediately became one of our most valued tech support staff


    1. By the end of December we had risen to the #2 ranking in ACT sales for 2013 for North America


    1. That same month we outsold everyone in ACT sales, and won a one-week trip to Arizona


    1. In March, we made our biggest acquisition to date with the purchase of Lori Feldman's ACT business, and in so doing made a huge foray into the US market.


    1. In April Grafton Smith, Suzanne Patterson, and Rebecca Helps joined our team, all three of which are ACT Consultants. Rebecca would later become sales manager of Keystroke and dramatically expand our west coast office.


    1. In April we also acquired the ACT sales & support business of Don Astras in Michigan, and Marlene Spurgen in North Carolina.


    1. In May we saw a huge expansion of our ACT hosting business, causing us to move all our database servers to a Toronto data centre. Growth in this department continues at an astonishing rate.


    1. In June Henry Kluska of HK Consulting joined our team, and Lindsay Garrison of On the Verge sold us her ACT sales & support business.


    1. In June we also added a new office administrator to quarterback all our projects and support tickets, and ensure that customers continue to get the service they expect. I'm pleased to report Nav has hit the ground running, and the customer feedback has been great.


    1. In June we also released the "CASL Tool for ACT" to help our customers deal with the ridiculous new SPAM laws now in effect in Canada as of July 1st. This tool was tremendously well received, and helped many people reach their customers and record their consent in ACT in the simplest most time efficient way possible.


    1. Now as we wrap up the first week of July, we can say that we've outsold all our competition for seven consecutive months, and we finished the first half of the 2014 fiscal year having already hit our annual quota for ACT sales. An annual quota so high that only three other resellers are currently in the same sales tier, and we did it in six months.

What will the rest of 2014 hold for us, we 're not sure, but we'll remain focused on what's got us here, and that's top-level service, sales, and continued investment in our business. I'd like to personally thank all our customers, old and new, for making this journey as rewarding as it was..

2014-07-04 21:15:32
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