If so, we can customize your ACT database schema to suit your industry in minutes

Fast-Tip-Friday-04252013-img1Too often we see industry professionals like CFP's, Mortgage Brokers, and Realty Agents purchase ACT and then suffer through the exhausting process of trying to customize it for their specific industry needs. This process can become so time consuming that many such professionals under utilize the program for fear of messing it up.
Well, thanks to Keystroke's new VIP Club, this problem is now solved. One of the many new benefits of membership is the exclusive access to our customized schema's for these industries. Each of these schemas can be viewed online at http://www.keystroke.ca/default.asp?pID=207,.

Simply click the appropriate industry icon, login as "Chris Huffman" (no password), and then select the "Contact Detail" view to review the customization (please note this website must be reviewed with a PC or MAC using IE10 or Google Chrome, or the ACT Premium Mobile HTML5 interface will be displayed instead of ACT for Web).
All the customizations you see in these ACT for Web databases, including layouts, fields, and pull-down menus can be imported into the databases of VIP Club members in less than an hour, and be ready for production use immediately.
The best part is that once the database schema is imported, it is yours to work with forever. No upgrade issues or continuing fees..

2014-02-24 12:28:57
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