A report Monday shows Google's Android mobile operating system on top over almost the entire world. While it faces stiff competition from iOS and Windows Phone, the numbers show there's more than enough room for it to continue growing.
Tracking firm Kantar examined the sales from nine countries and found that on average, 64.2 percent of smartphone sales were Android devices during the first three months of 2013. But sales look very different in the several regions they surveyed.
In Mexico and Brazil, for instance, a low level of smartphone uptake means many people are still using phones running Nokia's Symbian OS or using a BlackBerry. Yet as an IDC report in February pointed out, it's smartphone-rich areas like the U.S. and Australia that have the biggest effect on the global market: Alternative platforms are making a stand in some areas, but about 90 percent of smartphones sold last year were either Android or iOS.

via Android dominates mobile sales globally - and there's still room to grow - GadgetBox on NBCNews.com..

2013-04-30 10:27:18
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