It's that time of year again, and Keystroke is delighted to announce the coming of the 2nd annual “ACToberfest” sale. Come celebrate with us as we offer fantastic discounts on all net new business, which is to say new licenses to new customers.

And this year we're introducing two new twists to the ACToberfest celebration, the first of which recognizes our new status as the Canadian Master Distributor of ACT. This year's sale will be an all Canadian event, in that the sale will be limited to the home of poutine, back bacon, beaver pelts, Tim Hortons coffee, and the American League East Division champs.

The second twist is that it will be limited to "net new" business only, and not upgrades or renewals. The reason for this focus is to bring the promotion into alignment with our major marketing focus this month on the Toronto (October 8th) and Vancouver (October 16th) SOHO Business Expos, where we'll be Platinum and Gold sponsors respectively. The SOHO Business Expo is Canada's #1 B2B event for Small to Medium Size Businesses, so what better place to promote the #1 Contact & Customer Manager in the world for almost 30 years.

If you're in the Calgary area on October 20th, please join one of our proud Canadian resellers, Corelogix, for the SOHO Expo hosted in that city.

And as much as we're ACT evangelists, we know price matters. ACT is already cheaper than it has ever been since we switched over to subscription pricing back in May, with the cost of entry being half what it once was, but we want to do a little more during ACToberfest. So during the the month of October this year we're going to discount the first year's subscription fee by an additional 10% on all new orders to help business become more accountable, more efficient, and more productive for less.

So help us celebrate the second Annual ACToberfest in style, "Canadian" style, by joining us at the Vancouver or Toronto SOHO show, or simply raise a glass to some additional savings on ACT CRM.



2015-10-01 21:13:33
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