Your fully integrated subscription manager & renewal tool for Act!

Act4subscription is the perfect solution for companies that needs to manage subscription based products or services. Act4subscription is an Act! add-on that is fully integrated into your database to provide access to both network and remote users, and to schedule effective and fully automated notifications that count down to customer renewal.

Act4subscription also employs Topline Designer (sold separately) to help you organize the tracking of your customer's purchases, subscriptions, contracts, and license/product details. Use Act4subscription to keep track of active subscriptions, and filter out inactive ones, or use the built in Dashboard to easily view your upcoming renewals based on your custom criteria.

The power of Act4subscription is in how you can create attractive HTML renewal notices with it's built-in HTML editor (which also works with MS Word), and then configure the automation to delivery effective countdown drip campaigns towards the customer's renewals.

Act4subscription allows you to:

  • better organize your product/license information

  • create attractive renewal notices with your own custom branding

  • automate those renewals with rules that notify all eligible customers at selected intervals as it counts down to renewal

  • instant visibility on upcoming renewals with the handy Act4subscription Dashboard

  • Right-click access to manually send templates

  • Right-click access to customer look-ups


Act4subsctipion is the tool you've been looking for to get organized, automated, and accountable, and will pay for itself with the first deal that you would not have otherwise gotten without this powerful Act! add-on.

  • All Pricing listed is in USD

  • UMS is “Upgrades, Maintenance, and Support” (120 minutes of support per term)

  • Includes 1-month Upgrade-Maintenance-Support (UMS) with purchase.

  • Discounted UMS available within 30-days of purchase.

  • Compatible with Act! v16 or higher (sold separately)


RELEASE DATE: March 29th, 2016







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