Keystroke is pleased to announce the release of Act4outlook, the Actcessory designed to enhance your Act!-Outlook integration needs, while breaking the shackles of the performance sucking Act!/Outlook Address Book.

Finally you can disable the Address book integration between Act! & Outlook that can create such system overhead. Act4outlook passively attaches all outbound Outlook email to the appropriate contact History quickly, and allows you tha enhanced ability to create contacts & activities from your Outlook inbox.

Not limited to the inbox, though, you can safely send your Outlook contacts and calendar items to Act! without fear of mass duplicates or calendar corruption. Act4outlook is designed to allow you to right-click on a contact or calendar item and simply select "Send to Act!" and have it automatically appear in your database.

This is perfect for people that create appointments in their calendar with Siri or accept invitations or VCards with Outlook or their mobile device. Act4outlook allows you to send these calendar items with a click of the mouse, allowing you to choose what goes int your Act!. Previous synching solutions forced all items to sync, but Act4Outlook gives you back control over what you send to Act!

Act4Outlook includes the following features:

  • Send Outlook contacts to Act! by simply right clicking one or more contacts from your address book.
  • Send an email from Outlook (even with Act! closed), and it will be attached to the matching record in Act! within a second.
  • Disable the Act-Outlook address book integration that so often slows down computers, and get all the functionality back with Act4outlook. Select and email and automatically convert it to a Contact or Activity, but in a way that is faster than ever before.
  • Link Contacts to Companies, Groups, or Opportunities after sending to Act.
  • Send one or more Activities to Act! from your Outlook calendar.
  • Select an email in your inbox, and click on "Go to Contact", and Act4Outlook will find the matching contact in your Act! database
  • Act4outlook reduces duplication by keeping track of previously imported activities. If an activity is updated in Outlook with new data, simply re-send the activity to Act which will update the previously imported Act activity.
  • Attach one or more email messages directly to Contacts, Groups, Companies, or Opportunities. Linking the email to more than one type of record at a time does not create a duplicate entry in the Act attachments folder.

​As the makers of Handheld Contact, we thought Act4outlook provided an essential "desktop" link between customer's Act!, Outlook, and Handheld Contact data. Our most recent versions of HHC provided a new "importer" tool to bring address book contacts into Act!, and Act4outlook does the same, but more for Act! and Outlook on your desktop.

That is why we're offering all HHC customers this new Actcessory for free with each new subscription from now until the end of this year. For clarity, any HHC customer that either signed up new or added a new subscription (excluding renewals) in December 2016 will be eligible for this promotion.

Act4outlook will sell for $24.95 USD per installation.

2016-11-30 20:00:00
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