check-list_0ACT Upgrades are different from a lot of software upgrades in that they tend to integrate with many other applications within your software eco-system.

An upgrade in one application can sometimes disable access to another mission critical application that contributes to more downtime than you can afford.

There are also basic precautions you can take to minimize problems with the upgrade process, and help you avoid post deployment head aches, as well.Some of these tips will involve your IT staff, your ACT administrator, and all the other ACT users within your organization

Our checklist is as follows (not intended to exhaustive, but merely a guideline):

    1. Always check the system requirements for the version of ACT you intend to install. Click HERE for ACT 16 SysReq.


    1. Ensure all ACT users are available for the upgrade, so they can be upgraded at the same time to avoid delays in database access


    1. All Subscriber databases should be synched before upgrading.


    1. Complete a BACKUP of the master database (never upgrade with your fingers crossed)


    1. Clear Temp Files and restart your computer (START, RUN "%TEMP%").


    1. Ensure you have sufficient ACT permissions to upgrade the database. You must be an ACT administrator. Ensure Remote users have "Remote Administration" permission.
      Network users should also ensure they have "Local Admin Privileges"before installing ACT. Such permissions are not required to run ACT, but they are required to install the application.


    1. If you use any ACT Add-on products, please confirm in advance that they are compatible with the new version of ACT!, or that a new release or patch is available to make it so. It may also be helpful to determine if some of these patches or updates will be provided free or at a cost. Topline Designer, for instance, will be charging for the v16 upgrade this year.


    1. If you're upgrading from ACT 2010 or older, be mindful that you'll have to undergo an SQL upgrade, as well. Your IT staff should be consulted on this process as it could impact on other SQL operations they have running, such as a network backup.
      Please consult us in advance for the best approach to handling upgrades from older versions of SQL.


    1. If you're using ACT Network Sync to support database synching, remember that this service has to be upgraded, as well. ACT 16 databases cannot sync with legacy version of ACT Network Sync.


    1. Ensure your ACT Scheduler Service has restarted properly, and your scheduled backups and maintenance remain confirgured correctly. Test the next day to be sure they worked.


    1. Check all your ACT Preference settings are still in effect, including your Outlook integration, your Admin Security Settings, default Word Processor, just to name a few.

As always, take the necessary precautions before proceeding with any database upgrade. Plan, backup, test, and then deploy & enjoy.


2013-10-05 20:07:55
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