HistoryThe cornerstone of CRM is the history. What was the last conversation I had with this customer? It doesn’t get more basic than that. If your database is nothing more than a list of names and the interactions you had with them, you are getting value.
Act! has dozens of ways to automatically or manually generate histories, and with little effort you can be peppering your database with valuable information. But aside from checking last interactions, how can we get value from the history?
From this easy to access view, I can quickly filter date ranges, types, users, and even keywords.
Find me all the New Opportunities created between June and August for my key product? Simple.
Compare the number of calls Jim and Jason made last week regarding our sales promotion? Easy.
Export this to Excel to begin a pivot table that supercharges your data? Why not.
Use this to create a lookup so you can send an email, edit a field, or schedule a call? Absolutely.
See it in act!on below.
How would this new feature make your life easier?

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2013-07-28 09:27:45
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