ACT4WebMany users of ACT Premium v16 for Web that access their database online with Internet Explorer are aware that the most reliable way to use IE10 or IE11 is in Compatibility Mode. By enabling this feature, the "Unsupported Browser" message goes away in IE11 and you're able to use ACT for Web with all the normal ACT plugins ( ** Please note you can enable Compatibility View by clicking ALT to reveal the pull down menu in IE, and then click "Tools" and "Compatibility View").

As effective as enabling this feature is for ACT for Web, there is an IE bug that can trip up most users. It seems IE 11 has an issue where if you "delete browsing history" it also clears the compatibility view settings. We found the following MS Answers post and this seems to do the trick.

The issue can be resolved by unchecking the option for Delete browsing history on exit.  Perform the steps mentioned below and see if it helps.

    1. Open Internet Explorer


    1. Then click Tools > Internet Options


    1. Then click the General tab


    1. Uncheck the option " Delete browsing history on exit'


    1. Click apply and then ok.


2014-09-12 14:13:15
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