Act!_box-pair-smallAs the first fiscal quarter comes to a close, more businesses are opting to integrate some form of CRM software. In fact, the market for CRM software just reached a record breaking $27.5 billion worldwide. This number is predicted to go nowhere but up, jumping to an astounding $37 billion by 2017. And of course, people are opting for one of the best CRM solutions on the market  - ACT!

The most up to date version of ACT! now combines sales processes with nurture marketing, allowing the user to easily grow and connect to their customers and clients. Some of the other new features include;

    • Smart Integration - ACT! now integrates seamlessly with your Outlook email account, adding options for aspects such as one-way synching of Contacts and Calendars. This option permits Outlook to become an extension of ACT, without the risk of personal data from Outlook transferring back into ACT. Additionally, it offers integration with several popular business tools including Google Docs, SharePoint, Dropbox, and iCloud. This allows you to streamline the management of documents between team members and improve efficiency.


    • Free "Browse" Access - This type of access allows some users to review ACT CRM information without the need for a license. This is perfect for business owners, admin and accounting staff that simple need to review data without making changes.


    • Improved autonomy for ACT Hosting customers - ACT Hosting customers have never had more autonomy. They can now create & edit fields in their database, as well as manage dropdown lists; lock/unlock their Web database; import CSV files through the web; cut their own subscriber databases for remote users; and use SmartTasks to dynamically control Contact Access from the Web.


    • Intelligent EMarketing - Improved Smart Tasks allow you to trigger emails based on click-thru responses to SwiftPage email campaigns.

So, what are people saying about ACT! this year? Here are two recently made testimonials from ACT! CRM users;

Lou from YCD Multimedia said;

"I have used Act! CRM software for many years, as it was one of the first CRMs I used. Even at that time it was great software that did many CRM functions very well. Over the years, the industry has moved to more cloud-based solutions that are even simpler to deploy and manage."

Emma from DMCSC Trust said;

"It's intuitive and very flexible. We were able to set it up to record elements of data that are of specific interest to us. The configuration was easy and powerful, with lots of behavioral management options, and we can control exactly what our users see. I haven't dealt directly with the publisher but through one of their resellers."

Want to know more about ACT! CRM software solutions for your business? We invite you to visit our webpage where you can find information on ACT! training, integration, hosting, and more. You may also contact us directly with any questions or comments.

2015-03-15 11:20:00
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