We're pleased to announce that the development team at Swiftpage is currently working on Update 7 for Act! v20.1. This update is expected to be available early this week, and addresses the specific defects below:

  • D-08283 – Premium Plus serial numbers do not update seat count
  • D-08280 – New ‘quick action’ features in Outlook are not localized
  • D-08282 – ‘Exclude My Record from History’ option not localized
  • D-08284 – ‘Exclude My Record from History’ option not staying selected
  • D-08295 – User list not sorted correctly when "Hide inactive users" is selected
  • D-07661 – FR - APFW - The reports list page is truncated

Additionally, Update 7 will bring improvements to the data migration process and experience for new cloud customers and trial users. It will provide an in-product dialog allowing customers to migrate an existing Act! database, or help them to import data directly from a CSV file, greatly reducing the onboarding time. Full details will be posted to the Product Announcements area of the Community Forum next week.

This update is NOT schema breaking, and can safely be deployed in a team environment.

2018-07-30 12:24:38
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