Growth ChartsEveryone, whether a buyer, seller, marketer or manager, is crunched for time. No one has time to waste when doing business, and as a seller, you certainly do not want to waste hours on a project or a prospect unlikely to score returns.Here are a few simple tips to incorporate into your daily routine that can help you sell more in less time. Related: Sales Prospecting Isn't an Event. It's a Campaign.

    1. Make the first move.Some believe that the sooner you get in touch with a prospect, the greater the likelihood he or she will convert into a customer. Attention spans are short these days, so you need to move as quickly as possible.Gauge the person's level of engagement and see how far along he or she has moved. Has the person just signed up for more information? Or has the prospect viewed your products and pricing page? Understand how and why the person came to interact with you. When you make a call, put things in context. By making the first call relevant and timely, you will have a more meaningful conversation.


    1. Don’t sell to the unmotivated.But don’t approach those who are not ready. You are the best judge of who is really ready to make a commitment and who is just shopping around. If you feel that someone has little or no intention of buying anything, move that person to your marketing list. If the person shows genuine interest later, you can then get

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2014-12-28 13:43:28
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