ACT! SoftwareAct_Premium_for_Web(1) is available for businesses via in-house systems (a.k.a. "self-hosted"), as well as via the cloud through an ACT! certified hosting service - of which Keystroke is the only on in Canada. Many businesses are moving their software onto the cloud, and the following are 6 advantages for small businesses who use ACT! Hosting for their CRM needs:

    1. Save Money - The hosting service is great for small businesses who want to deploy a CRM without investing the full capitalization value of the hardware required to run a CRM. For as little as $8.33 per user/per month, business owners can avoid the cost of a server, network deployment, or Internet service upgrade.


    1. Save Data - With nightly back-ups and RAID5 data protection, a hosting plan gives your company data security (from physical and software problems) for a fraction of the cost it would take to build & support it in-house. Your data is saved through hosting without the labour or capital it would take to do it in house. If fault tolerant drives fail on our servers, we replace them at our cost and on our time without customers being aware of it. 


    1. Access ACT Anywhere! A hosting plan comes with multiple users having access from any web-enabled device. This means your sales team can have uninterruptible access your CRM data, keeping them productive and accountable.


    1. Roll support, data and upgrades into one package - ACT Cloud Hosting subscriptions, when bundled with "Business Care",  give you up-to-date software, and significant customer support for one low fee. Your ACT! hosting provider updates server software, updates hardware  and your CRM system. All of this saves thousands of dollars a year from trying to build & maintain your own system for the software. Plus hosters like Keystroke always know the upcoming hotfixes, service packs, and new releases, leaving you to focus on your business.


    1. Get Training and Support -  While many software providers give support and training, a full install that is bundled with "ACT Business Care", will usually include access to ongoing training and support resources throughout the term of your contract.

To begin using the power of the cloud to increase your customers through ACT!, contact us today.

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2015-01-25 13:10:50
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