Act!_box-pair-smallEvery successful business has some type of CRM software, and there are a variety of different options. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and in most cases the customers ARE your business and reason for profitability, so choosing a software that keeps your current customers and prospective customers as contacts is important. So, why is ACT! different from all the rest? Here are three reasons ACT! will benefit your business:

    1. ACT! is simple and reliable to use!  We all want simplicity. ACT! specializes in a simple and easy to learn software, so your productivity is higher than other solutions. ACT has consistently been rated as one of the easiest CRM applications to learn, which has leant to over a quarter century of brand loyalty amongst its three million users.


    1. ACT! works with other common business tools! Is your business used to using Microsoft Office products including Outlook, Quickbooks, etc? No worries! ACT! easily integrates with these products, so you will not lose any of that information across your software eco-system.
      - Read your ACT calendar and contact data in MS Outlook
      - Read your QuickBooks data from within ACT
      - Read your MS Outlook email correspondence from within ACT
      - Export data to MS Excel for easy reporting and data management
      - Merge your email and letter correspondence with MS Word


    1. ACT! is completely customizable to your standards! Use ACT off-the-rack, or tailor it to fit your needs. If you don't really like the way a certain screen, tab, or a drop down box looks, or if you wish to control access to who and how users can access sensitive data, ACT is the product for you. ACT is completely customizable at the end-user level, so you can have customized templates and other areas specific to your business needs.

ACT! is a great solution if you are looking to purchase a new CRM software, or you are transitioning to a different software. We provide a variety of optimal solutions, including cloud hosting and web services for your business.

Please feel free to Contact us for more information on getting started!


2014-12-27 15:43:55
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