iStock_000016014592XSmallThese are exciting times.

Mere weeks after it was announced that Keystroke Quality Computing Inc. placed 2nd in ACT! sales for all of 2013, the Q1 results for 2014 are in, and for the first time ever we're #1.
This bears repeating... #1 in ACT sales in all of North America.
Given the quality of our competition, this was no easy feat, but we accomplished it by literally doubling our YTD sales over last year, and we have no intentions of slowing down, as our business continues to grow from month to month.

With our recent acquisitions of ACT businesses in Kansas, Missouri, Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona, our team and our business has grown substantially. In other words, we're positioned to compete for the long term, and we will work hard to hold our place among the leaders in our community.

Thank you all to those who helped contribute to our success, and we look forward to the challenges ahead.



2014-04-29 09:39:34
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