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Easy SQL Management where you need it - inside of Act!

All Act! Users at one time or another have launched Act! only to discover nothing will work because SQL isn’t running. In recent years Act! learned to notify users of the issue with a pop-up, but this still left users to figure out how to solve the issue. The most common method for fixing this was from the Windows Services Console, and ...

Implementing A CRM Or Marketing Automation Is Like Joining A Gym

Have you ever joined a gym with the best of intentions? You plunk down your membership fees and this time you are really going to do it. A year later, your renewal comes up and you realize that you didn’t benefit at all by making that financial commitment. I think we have all done something along those lines. The same pattern applies to...

Yes, Act! Can do that - Membership

Managing memberships, client subscriptions and contracts In years gone by when we were asked whether Act! was suitable for managing memberships or client subscriptions & contracts online, the answer was typically “not yet”. However, with advances in the Act! Web API and some of the recent innovations we’ve implemented internally...

Five steps to prepare your distribution list for Marketing Automation

Act! Growth Suite is proving to be an excellent value for our customers, and many are taking advantages of the discounts being offered for the rest of June (see HERE for promo details). However, regardless of the excellent savings to be had, customers should NOT assume that Act! Marketing Automation is an unfettered license to hunt.  Lik...

Learn how to deactivate your Act! license

In late 2018 when Swiftpage introduced their new product licensing system (, the transition for most users went smoothly, with few noticing much difference between the old system (Protexis) and the new. There was one important difference, however, that we’d like to explain because it could end up costing customers money if...

Understanding the differences between the three AMA tiers

Since Act! Marketing Automation was released last November, there has been a lot of discussion about the comparative benefits of the different tiers of AMA. So much so, that many prospective subscribers had trouble understanding where the benefits of one tier ended and the next began.   While Keystroke has put together a fairly ex...

Tips for those planning to upgrade their Act! software

If you are planning on upgrading to Act! v21, we suggest that you read the following list of tips to ensure a pain-free conversion. Do you have your v21 licence? Ensure that you have your v21 license key before you upgrade. If you are a current Act! Subscriber, or purchased Act! Pro v21 after 1st November, you may have already recei...

How do I upgrade to Act! v21 from a previous version?

Important Note: Act! v21 installs and uses Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express as its database engine. If you are upgrading from a version of Act! that used Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (Act! versions 2011 (v13), 2012 (v14), 2013 (v15), v16, or v17.0) and you are or will be using remote databases, it is strongly recommended that you read th...

Searching by the Any field saves you time & effort

Did you know you can search all phone, address, and email fields at once? A little known feature in Act! is the “any” field. Not to be confused with the “any key”, the “any” field allows you to search all email fields, or all phone fields, or all address fields at one time.

How Act! CRM can help businesses comply with GDPR

What is the GDPR?The GDPR applies to the use and storage of personal information of European citizens from 25 May 2018. All organisations world-wide need to comply with them if they want to comply with European law. The GDPR has an organisation-wide impact and this document explains how Act! can help an organisation to comply. The General...
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