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Yes, Act! Can do that - Membership

Managing memberships, client subscriptions and contracts In years gone by when we were asked whether Act! was suitable for managing memberships or client subscriptions & contracts online, the answer was typically “not yet”. However, with advances in the Act! Web API and some of the recent innovations we’ve implemented internally...

Keystroke Mission Statement

In March Keystroke celebrated our 25 Anniversary, and in this year of celebration we’ve engaged in some reflection, as well. The introduction of Act! Growth Suite by Swiftpage, and the increased role of consulting in this offering, has moved us to reassess our corporate mission statement, and more particularly how we interact with valued...

Introducing the new Keystroke Customer Portal

As the Canadian Master VAR, Keystroke is pleased to announce the launch of our new Customer/Reseller Portal, which is designed to deliver improved visibility & account management to customers & Canadian Channel Partners alike. We’ve just completed an internal review of the portal with our team, and received enough feedback to s...

Keystroke continues as market leader for 2019

The results are in for the first half of 2019, and continues to be the market leader in almost every category of Act! Sales #1 in Act! Growth Suites Sales #1 in Annual Recurring Revenue #1 in new Act! sales #3 in Act! subscription retention We're proud of the performance of our sales team, as they adapt to new product...

Update on Google Integration

Act!'s integration with Google includes calendar, contact, and email integration.  It's been reported recently that many of our customers received email communications from Google stating that Act! will no longer be able to access data in their Google Account (including Gmail). These communications were sent to Act! users who have an exi...

Notice of change to Keystroke's Act! subscription renewal process

We’re wanted to announce a small change that we’ll be making to our billing practice for all Act! subscription accounts. In previous years, Act! subscriptions were billed 30-days in advance of the renewal dates and presumptively renewed by us with Swiftpage on the customer’s behalf, unless the customer advised us otherwise. Due to a ...

New version of Reporting4act available

Reporting4Act! Version 7.3 Please note that as of version 7.0, Stonefield Query for Act! is now known as Reporting4Act! - Powered by Stonefield Query.

What’s New in Act! Growth Suite

Marketing Automation enhancements in Act! Growth Suite are now live! Act! Growth Suite subscribers can now access 170+ impactful email templates that fit their industry, business, and communication style. They can choose from a diverse library of promotional, transactional, webinar, and e-newsletter email templates for building campaigns...

Act! 21.1 Update 3 now available

Update 8 July 2019: The repackaged Update 3 has now been publicly released following an additional period of testing. This resolves the earlier issues reported where Act! add-on applications did not load correctly. This issue was partly caused by pending Windows updates on customer machines. As part of addressing the problem, the installe...

Act! Marketplace - Your One-stop Add-on Shop for Act!

Over the last few weeks I've observed quite a few Act! users and consultants post questions about whether a certain add-on existed for one function or another. I wanted to remind everyone that while remains an excellent resource for our add-ons, the Act! Marketplace was relaunched in the spring of 2018, and remains the largest...
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