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Business Card Scanning with Handheld Contact

Handheld Contact supports business card scanning as a means of adding contact data to your Act! Database, but it does not provide the scanning engine itself. Handheld Contact’s role in this process is to import in new contacts from the devices native address book, allowing subscribers to use whatever card scanning service they choose. R...

Microsoft to end support for SQL 2008

Microsoft® has announced that after July 9, 2019, they will no longer be offering extended support for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2. Many unsupported versions of Act! still run on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, which means that after July 9, 2019, they will no longer receive key security updates from Microsoft. Continuing to run Micros...

Understanding the value of Act! Subscription

From entry-level to full-featured CRM, Act! has a solution that's right for your business. Choose Act! Premium or Act! Premium Plus solutions for an on-premise deployment, or in the Cloud for instant online access to Act! in a modern, secure Cloud environment—no IT needed, no hardware required, just an affordable subscription. With A...

Growth Suite Promo ending soon. Use our new Konfigurator to create a ...

Since Act! Marketing Automation was released in November 2018 with Act! v21, Swiftpage has offered steep discounts to entice people to use this powerful service. Eight months and a major service pack later, this promotional is drawing to a close, and will end on June 28th. For more details, we always encourage people to visit our “Curre...

Use HHC with your voice assisted devices

I'm a big Echo fan, as I have about ten of them spread across the home and office. However, whether I use Alexa, Siri, or some other voice assisted service to schedule an activity, I love how I can use Handheld Contact to pull them into Act!. For example, yesterday I invited my mother and niece to breakfast on Sunday, and the workflow foll...

The case for upgrading to “Ultimate” Act! Hosting just got easier.

If you’re currently an Act! subscriber paying $300 per seat (or less with loyalty), the math on getting your team’s database hosted is pretty simple – add $120 per user/year. And while there are many advantages of outsourcing the Act! hosting, here are the top five reasons that move a majority of our customers to entrust us with thei...

Keystroke starts converting our Add-ons to support Act! Premium Cloud

As part of Keystroke’s commitment to developing to the Act! WebAPI, and supporting the fastest growing market of Act! users, we’ve converted a number of traditionally “Windows only” add-ons to “Cloud Compatible” applications. To be clear, “Cloud Compatible” does not simply mean “work on the web”, but instead supports a...


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