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Workaround to the Act!-Outlook 2016 integration issues

  We are pleased to report that a workaround has been found for the recent integration issues with Outlook 2016. For those unfamiliar with the issues, Microsoft released an update to Outlook 2016 on June 13th (Office v16.0.8201) which impacted the Act! integration in three ways:

Act4outlook 2.0 is now available, and better than ever!

Keystroke Quality Computing Inc., a leading developer of Actcessories, is pleased to announce an upgrade to its wildly popular Act4outlook. The new Act4outlook 2.0 delivers all the same features (and more) of the original Act4outlook, but reduces the reliance on the native Act-Outlook integration, making it faster, more dependable, and les...

Update to MS Outlook 2016 crashing Act!

There are currently known issues with recent updates to Microsoft Office as is described in the KB ( The solution is to revert office to a stable version that allows the Act! integration to work correctly. If the process is successful, you should end up on Office version 16.04229.  We sugge...

What Act! features are not available in Act! for Web?

This article highlights the differences in the Act! Premium v17 and Act! Premium for Web v17 features. With all the improvements made to the Web products capabilities in v16 and v17, many ACT administrators wonder what they’re actually giving up by not having the Windows client installed on their user’s computers. The short answer is ...

Why custom tables matter

Act! custom tables unleash the full power of Act! Act! has been the #1 contact manager for 30-years, but in 2008 it slipped in support for a feature that fundamentally changed the product - the ability to support one-to-many relationships through the use of custom tables.Custom tables are not sexy, but if you want to record transactional ...

Keystroke's Monthly Product Deep Dive

Our monthly Deep Dive series is intended to provide an in-depth demonstration of our Act! add-on products. In the fourth installment, we'll explore Act4outlook, Act4realty, and Handheld Contact, hosted by Michael Kadlub, James Young, and Victor Krahn on Tuesday, June 20th 2-4pm EDT We'll be giving away three Act4outlook licenses ($29.95 v...

How to disable "Private Browsing" on your IOS device

When using Act! Premium Mobile, you will some times encounter an error message like the one below (see the orange box in the illustration under "Step #2), that advises you to "Disable Private Browsing. This often takes place after a major update to your IOS device's operating system, where some of the browser settings get reset. The priva...


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