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A mobile app should do more than extend your CRM...

... it should complete it. A CRM application can do many things for your business, but if it tethers the users to their desktops, it will never realize its full potential. This is why all CRMs must have a mobile application to enable the users in and out of the office, and for Act!, that application is Handheld Contact.For those that thin...

How to turn your smartphone into a business card scanner

One of the most exciting new features of Handheld Contact v3 for Android and v7 for IOS is the ability to import contacts from your devices native address book. Handheld Contact developed this new "importer" feature to allow users to take contacts they just recently scanned with an application like CamCard or BCR. The process is simple.

7 Apps to Connect to Act! using Zapier

Are you looking to take back time to focus on what you love rather than being bogged down by tedious tasks? Did you know that you can now connect Act! with many of the other online business optimization applications you are already using? Zapier makes this all possible. Start connecting your apps, automating tedious tasks, and making the m...

Act! 19.2 Scheduled for May 24th release

The following are proposed improvements planned for Act! v19.2 scheduled for release on Wednesday May 24th, 2017. Customers planning to upgrade should note that this update is available to active subscribers only, and that it is NOT schema breaking - meaning those working in Act! workgroups can continue to sync and access the shared datab...

Some reasons to upgrade to Act! v19

It's been 5-months since the release of Act! v19 in January, and many users are still taking a wait-and-see approach to the question of whether it's worth the plunge. While I understand the hesitation, a lot has changed this year that should weight into that decision. In February we saw the release of Service Pack #1 (v19.1), In March ...

5 Reasons To Choose Act! Over Salesforce

Shared with gratitude from our friends at ActToday   Date Posted November 10, 2016 Written by Cate Dempsey Are you looking at or currently using a CRM like Salesforce to manage your business relationships? Finding the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that also matches your business/industry requirements...

Factors to Consider When Upgrading Act!

Shared with gratitude from our friends at ActToday Date Posted January 10, 2017 Written by Cate Dempsey The all new Act! version 19 delivers a host of compatibility and productivity enhancements. Act! v19 is the only version of Act! that is compatible with Microsoft Office 64-bit. It also advances the new Act! Connections functionality...

10 Benefits of Integrating Act! with your Accounting software

Shared with gratitude from our friends at ActToday Date Posted September 15, 2015 Written by Cate Dempsey Integrating your small business software applications can revolutionise the way your small business works. By creating seamless integration between Act! and your back-office accounting software, you will gain the benefits of a fully...

6 Steps to Ensure Act! CRM is Your Most Valuable Business Asset

Shared with gratitude from our friends at ActToday Date Posted March 17, 2017 Written by Cate Dempsey

How to Activate your Act! Subscription

Shared with gratitude from our friends at ActToday Date Posted March 30, 2017 Written by Nathan Horsley
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