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Release of Android & IOS Updates for HHC delayed

Due to feedback from our beta testers, we have postponed the release of the update to the HHC Android client today, as well as the release of the IOS update on Friday into next week. As the Windows Console must be released after the mobile clients, we have pushed the release of that update into the following week. We owe it to our custome...

Act! Licensing Changes - FAQ

Beginning with Act! v19.1, entitlement for Act! Premium will be enforced at the .x version level (e.g. 19.0, 19.1, 19.2, etc.)Q.  Why the change for Act! Premium?A.    With the move to subscription, customers are entitled to the most current software only if they are actively subscribed. The nature of the .x releas...

February Product Deep Dive

As part of our continuing monthly Deep Dive series, this month we'll be focusing on Act4outlook, the Primary Contact Tool, and Act4CASL. The webinar will be hosted by Michael Kadlub and James Young, and is scheduled for Wednesday, February 22nd at 3PM EST. This webinar is obviously free to attend, and we'll be having a draw fo...

Free Actcessories help you Act! better

Free is good.This is why Keystroke has developed a number of useful free "Actcessories" to make using Act! just a little easier. Unlike a lot of freeware, these applications are not time-bombed or throttled in anyway, and offer genuine value to most Act! users.The full list of free Actcessories can be found HERE, but the fol...

New Handheld Contact features scheduled for February & March

With the addition of two new developers to our Handheld Contact team, we've stepped up the pace of our development road map. Recently we circulated a survey to all Handheld Contact subscribers soliciting their feedback on the features they were looking for in HHC, and we were gratified by how many reflected the direction we were alread...

Act! accounting links improve productivity

By: Lindsay Boullin | 01/2/2017 (with edits by Ken Quigley) Every sector of the economy is undergoing a digital transformation. In a world of integration, information is a transferable resource that creates efficiencies, cost savings and competitive advantage when it’s allowed to flow.That’s why it makes absolute sense to look fo...

Use HHC to put your critical accounting data at your fingertips

Imagine being away from the office and getting an email from a customer requesting more supplies, and you being able to pull out your phone to see if he’s paid his last bill? Now imagine being able to see year-to-date sales, terms, and other critical accounting data in the same glance? Well, it’s possible if you have Handheld Contact ...

6 ways to improve user adoption when deploying a CRM

Over the years, we’ve deployed Act! CRM into thousands of businesses across North America, and while there is always a myriad of challenges to implementing change in the workplace, one of the more common obstacles to overcome is user adoption.Contrary to what business owners may wish, employees do not typically embrace change. An ineffic...


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