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Act! v17.1 is here! worldwide release on February 25th

Act! v17.1 continues to deliver on the promise of enhanced, intelligent e-marketing fused with the best of contact management, and provides key improvements to automation and configuration within Act!.Key Highlights of Act! v17.1  

5 Ways to Strengthen your Brand in Email Marketing

In today’s crowded market, it’s a challenge to set your business apart from the competition. How do you convey what makes you unique and why customers should choose you over the competition? It starts with your brand. Before prospective customers can buy into the product you’re selling, they need to buy into YOU, your story, and yo...

Windows RT and it's untimely demise

When Microsoft released the MS Surface Pro and RT models in late 2012, everyone looked past the RT model as something of an ugly duckling - a brother from another mother as it were. The marketing of this product was weak to establish it's place in the market, and as a result it was relegated to the scrapheap within 24-months - losing Mi...
ACT , News

150 Reasons Why You MUST Invest in Email Marketing

If you are seriously considering investing extra effort into email marketing, I want you to block off the next couple of hours in your schedule and dedicate them to reading this blog post because I’m going to share with you 150 reasons why email marketing makes so much sense. Not have the time? OK, how about just one good reason? The...

Is Your IT Outsourced with the Times?

IT Outsourcing is big business. Last year, IT outsourcing jumped 19%. With an increase in services, and economics of scale, businesses in the US and Canada use the current buyers market to grow their IT without incurring the costs of running full in-house IT teams. Infrastructure Costs are Down With data colocation centers sprouting up...
ACT , News

Keystroke introduces Self-Hosting Peace of Mind

ACT is an incredibly powerful business tool that has helped countless professionals become more productive, accountable, organized, and profitable. Unfortunately, this potential is often blunted by a faulty deployment or wonky hardware/networking, leading to lower user adoption and confidence. ACT Hosting can certainly reduce the lik...
ACT , News

Why the solution provider matters when selecting a CRM

Recently we had a customer invest fairly heavily in a large ACT deployment with hosting, and the roll out along with the advance customization went smoothly. Their team of twenty we all deployed with a combination of Windows and Web access to their database, and the appropriate security measures implemented to protect their business. Af...

Utilizing Remote ACT! Software Hosting For Your Business

According to a survey conducted by DiscoverOrg, almost 29% of those who took part reported that they did not have any type of CRM system in place. This is surprising, especially when you consider that CRM programs return an average profit of $5.60 for every $1 spent. Additional studies and statistics agree that there is much to gain when...


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