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Project KickStart - Upgrade Assurance

USD $ 62.50 each Brand: Keystroke ProductsKeystroke Products


Not Available
Act! for Windows

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Project KickStart's Upgrade Assurance makes it easy and affordable to keep your software up to date. With new integration into MS Office and Act! CRM, compatibility is vital to maintain an ongoing connection to your annually updated CRM and Office software.

Upgrade Assurance is an annual subscription service in which subscribed customers get future upgrades to major version releases of Project KickStart at no additional charge as well as continued support via our support ticketing channel.

Upgrade Assurance customers will continue to enjoy these benefits as long as they stay subscribed. This subscription option is available to customers as an add-on item when they purchase new versions of Project KickStart software, and must be purchased prior to the one year anniversary from original Project KickStart purchase. 

Benefits of Upgrade Assurance

Subscribers of Upgrade Assurance get:

  • Peace of mind with free minor updates for bug fixes and program improvements.
  • No program can guarantee future compatibility, so as Microsoft and Swiftpage release upgrades to Office and Act! CRM, Upgrade Assurance subscribers will receive compatibility upgrades to Project KickStart
  • New features released with each version
  • Free tier upgrade to Webplanner subscription with Upgrade Assurance. For example, Webplanner Pro subscribers will receive a free $60 upgrade to Premium - a $60 value. These savings is almost equal to the cost of Upgrade Assurance. 
  • No more worries about an outdated Project KickStart – Upgrade to future major version releases at no additional charge.
  • Cheaper than upgrade fees - Automatic subscription renewal for a small annual fee (25%).
  • No more upgrade fees.
  • Continued technical support via ticketing support.

One Upgrade Assurance is required for each Project KickStart license owned. In term additional licenses will require Upgrade Assurance renewal at time of original Project KickStart purchase renewal. 

How is Upgrade Assurance renewed?
As a subscription service, the charges are automatically renewed annually on the anniversary date of the Upgrade Assurance purchase. A notification email will be sent 30 days before the scheduled payment deduction. 

When should I buy Upgrade Assurance?
Simple answer is at time of purchase.
Why? One of the Key membership benefits to PKS Upgrade Assurance is the free tier upgrade to Webplanner. For instance, if you're a Basic subscriber to Webplanner, but have PKS Upgrade Assurance, you'll immediately be upgraded to the Pro tier (a $60 added value).

With your purchase of PKS, however, you get a free 3-months subscription of the basic tier of Webplanner, so PKS Upgrade Assurance would bump that free period up to the Pro Tier - giving you an extra $15 of free Pro subscription.

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