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Have questions about HHC?

Did you know you could SMS from Handheld Contact, and convert talk to text?

The #1 Mobile Solution for Act!
Handheld Contact

Enjoy 2-way wireless syncing between Act! & your mobile devices

Handheld Contact is simply the best mobile solution for Act!

Handheld Contact enables two-way, wireless synchronization between your mobile device and your Act! database. Track and manage your Contacts, Calendar, Opportunities, Quoting, Mobile Mapping, and more. Handheld Contact literally puts Act! on your phone.
Whether you use an iPhone, Android, Blackberry mobile device, or even an iPad or Android Tablet, Handheld Contact puts all your vital contact, calendar, opportunity, notes and history at your finger tips.
In fact, Handheld Contact is your "home away from work" because it's like taking your office with you, where ever you go. HHC also features Quoting tools, and the power of Mobile Mapping and route guidance to save you even more time.
To download our PDF brochure, please click HERE.

Handheld Contact Price Plans

All plans are billed annually per device and user. Resellers or organizations with multiple users can purchase & inventory subscriptions, as well as transfer unused portions from departing employees to new ones as needed. Pre-paid subscriptions that are parked or inventoried do not expire.
Most Popular

Handheld Contact

$79.95per year/user/device
Our most popular product! Complete mobility solution for all Act! users with support for wireless syncing of up to 15K contacts, as well as activities, opportunities, notes, histories, secondary contacts, and more.
Most Popular

Handheld Contact

  • Manage ACT! data from HHC on mobile device without WiFi or network internet access
  • Sync up to 15k Act! Contacts, as well as Activities, Opportunities, Secondary Contacts, Notes, and Histories
  • Syncs securely using 128 bit encryption
  • Sync up to 50 custom fields
  • Supports mapping, quoting/invoicing, advanced searches, and more
  • Unlimited Wireless syncing
  • E-mail support and self-service knowledge base included
Most Secure

HHC Secure+

$129.95per year/user/device
A complete mobility solution for Act! users that require HIPAA-compliant security features to protect their organization’s Act! data from falling into the wrong hands. Includes all features of Handheld Contact, with contact quantity upgrade options.
Most Secure

HHC Secure+

Available with new subscriptions or as an upgrade for your existing subscription:

  • Adds another layer of security to help protect your Act! data from unauthorized access.
  • Available for both Android and iOS users.
  • With Secure+ enabled, the HHC admin can control when the application gets locked, how many password attempts are allowed, and whether or not to wipe all local HHC data from the device.
  • Local HHC data on the device is encrypted.
  • HHC admins enjoy better control over Secure+ users and improved notifications.
Coming Soon!

Handheld Contact (API)

$96$79.95per year/user
The newest mobile solution from Handheld Contact is exclusively for Act! subscribers in 2020, as it leverages the power of the Act! Web API for faster data transfers, more frequent updates, and direct access to your data without setting up any separate Windows console.
Most importantly for our users is they'll be able to access more contacts across multiple devices at no extra cost.
Coming Soon!

Handheld Contact (API)

  • Includes additional features like offline data access, sharing tools, alerts, email & SMS history recording, favourites, and our new Dashboard
  • Includes initial setup assistance, email support, and self-service knowledgebase
  • MobileCare options available for live support
  • Subscription includes one user syncing for one year on multiple devices
  • Support for IOS in both phone & tablet form factors. Android expected in Q2 of 2020
  • Syncs securely using 128 bit encryption
  • Automatic syncing
  • Web administration for accounts
  • Import & Export to devices native contact & calendars
"Mobile access to customer and prospect information is essential for today's business professionals, sales teams and larger workgroups"

Joe Bergera, Senior Vice President & GM for ACT!
"Accuracy of information was the biggest gain in adopting Handheld Contact. The challenge before was that information wasn’t getting updated into the database in a timely manner and sometimes it was being forgotten completely."

Larry Heimpel, CompX, Waterloo, ON
"If I’m not in the office, it saves me hours. It saves me a minimum of an hour a day - that’s a conservative estimate."

Bill Holsman, CEO, Sign-Lite, Cleveland, OH

How does Handheld Contact syncing work?

The magic behind the Handheld Contact syncing is that all communication between your computer and your devices flows through our secure server (mware) which ensures the highest level of accuracy, reliability, and security. Both sides communicate with the same server, and the changes are always reconciled properly to update your CRM data in the appropriate direction. With each update, that information is then removed from our server until the next sync.
This method ensures that none of your sensitive information is left on our servers for longer than it takes it takes to update your computer or device, and all data resides where you need it - either in Act! or your mobile device (see illustration below).


Who we are?

Specializing in CRM software for small to medium sized businesses, through expert counsel, deployment, hosting, support, and development services.

Delivering fruitful CRM solutions since 1994, Keystroke is the #1 Act! Reseller in the World and Master Act! Distributor for Canada.

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