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On July 1st, 2017 the last stage of CASL kicks in. Is your business ready?


Act4CASL helps keep your business in compliance with CASL

In July of 2014, the Canadian government introduced the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, commonly known as CASL, which was far and away the most aggressive legislative move to combat spam in the world. CASL shifted the burden of including an "opt out" mechanism with all marketing emails (CANSPAM ACT 2013), to an "Opt in" requirement (CASL 2014), with offenders facing unprecedented fines.

At the time many businesses actively launched opt-in campaigns to secure "explicit" permission from the contact list to receive commercial electronic messages, with many business relying on the 3-year grandfathered condition for "implied" consent. On July 1st, 2017, that grandfathered condition expires, and the final stages of CASL come into effect. Those in violation of the stricter CASL terms face civil and criminal prosecution, and fines up to $10 million!

Is your business ready?

If not, Keystroke is pleased to announce the release of Act4CASL, the Actcessory designed to help your business stay compliant with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation, known as CASL.

Act4CASL is a software application & online service that takes only a couple of minutes to setup before you can be broadcasting your pre-written opt-in request emails to all your contacts in quickly and easily. No HTML, merge mail, or Outlook experience required!

Act4CASL setup steps are as follows:

  • Install and activate Act4CASL software
  • Enter your email settings into the software.
  • Act4CASL creates the one field and pull-down menu required in your Act! database
  • Review and edit the sample opt-in consent letter.
  • Register your Act4CASL account online where your contacts response will be stored.
  • Send the email with a click of a button
  • Click the Act4CASL sync button to update your database with the online consents provided by your contacts.
  • Rinse, repeat.
It’s that simple, and Act4CASL costs only $200USD per year, and is available exclusively to Canadian Act! users. Only one subscription is necessary.

Once Act4CASL updates your database to reflect your contact’s opt-in permissions, you can create your new marketing groups within Act! that includes this consent, and be confident you’ve exercised due diligence in complying with CASL.

Act4CASL protects your contact's privacy, as well. Only their contact's unique Act! GUID (a 25 character database aphanumeric ID) is stored on Act4CASL.com for purposes of synchronization. All contact info like names and emails are removed from our servers after the first response results are synched to your database.

** Please note, Keystroke is not qualified to offer legal advice, so each person is responsible for ascertaining their own CASL compliance requirements (please review www.fightspam.gc.ca to learn more).

Watch Act4CASL Demo

Watch our video on Act4CASL

Act4CASL includes the following features:

Delivers your opt-in email request

Act4CASL uses your existing mail servers to easily deliver pre-written opt-in request emails to your contacts and customers

Built-in online survey service to capture responses

We keep it simple by offering you a unique weblink where your customers can quickly and easily record their consent to receive email from you. For those that wish to decline, that option is available, as well. It's not only simple, it's in compliance with CASL's rules.

Sync the data captured online with your Act! database

Whether you're looking to capture tens, hundreds, or thousands of customer consents to receive your email, Act4CASL syncs these responses back to your database quickly and easily. The synchronization process takes a second to launch, and you just watch the progress bar work as your database is updated with their responses. It's that easy

CASL lets you generate unique opt-in links for your customers

Whether you want to send the opt-in request by formatted email, or simply reply to a customers email with a unique link for them to gran you permission, Act4CASL can help. It's all about saving time and being legally accountable.

Use Act4outlook for even more time savings with CASL

Act4outlook allows you to select one or more emails in Outlook, and then do a lookup in Act! for the contacts associated with those emails. This dramatically speeds up your response to CASL requests. Act4outlook is only $29.95 more!, and provides incredibly powerful Act/Outlook integration.

Rinse & Repeat

Keep your subscription active to manage your ongoing compliance with CASL. As you add more contacts to your database, use Act4CASL to update only the unsolicited contacts to ensure you collect as many consents as posisble.

Back in the summer of 2014, Keystroke.ca launched a short-term program to assist Act! users with CASL compliance, and it was extremely popular. It was a simple to use and inexpensive software tool that would help you reach your clients quickly & easily, and record their consent automatically.

As the Canadian Master Distributor for Act!, we thought it incumbent on us to help Canadian Act! users as we head into this final phase of CASL’s implementation, so we're bringing Act4CASL back, but this time as an ongoing annual subscription to provide better long-term CASL compliance option.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a list of frequently asked questions about Act4CASL.
  • How is Act4CASL different than the service you offered in 214 when CASL was first announced?
    Act4CASL is an annual subscription, whereas the last one only lasted 3-months.
    Act4CASL also allows you to edit your email template, generate unique contact links for Opt-ins,additional delivery options, and it has better support for browser based emails services. 
  • Isn't the opt-in request email a violation of CASL?
    No, CASL permits opt-in requests as it is deemed as an attempt at compliance. These emails must not be promoting other products or services while makign such a request. As we're not lawyers, we encourage everyone to seek indepoendant legal advice on the matter.
  • Do I still need an email service provider if I use Act4CASL?
    Yes, Act4CASL needs to be configured with your email settings in order to deliver the email. Services like SendGrid and others can offer an alternative. As Act4CASL was designed to deliver to your "Lookups" in Act!, we encourage you to send out your opt-in requests in smaller batches.
  • Do I need Act4CASL if a customers gives me verbal permission to email?
    Absolutely. CASL puts the burden of proof on the sender to establish they have consent. Recording verbal consent will obviously be weak in the face of a complaint from someone that provided such permission. Act4CASL records the date, time, unique transactionc ode of the consent, as well as the IP address of those providing it.
  • Isn't it enough that I provide an opt-out option with my emails?
    No, the opt-out option is a provision of the CANSPAM Act of 2003 in the the United States. CASL requires an opt-in permission from your recipients.
  • My contact has done business with us, and requested information from our business in the past, surely that constitutes "consent"?
    Perhaps not, as that is consered "implied" consent, which has fixed durations depending on how the implied consent was provided. For instance, most implied permissions granted on July 1st, 2014 expire July 1st, 2017. Some implied consents last only six months.
  • What happens with CASL on July 1s, 2017?
    No one knows the full extent of the impact, but certain changes are clear. Private businesses and citizens will be able to take civil action against CASL offenders for sums up to $10 million. As mentioned previously, many "implied" consents from 2014 expire, and the Canadian government will have clearer enforcement guidelines for prosecution with CASL fully implemented by that date. Currently it is in the midst of a transitional deployment.

Purchase Notes & System Requirements

  • All Pricing listed in USD
  • Price is based on per installation
  • Compatible with Act! v16 or higher (sold separately)
  • Internet Explorer 10+, or recent versions of Chrome or Firefox
RELEASE DATE: December 30th, 2016
Download Link: http://act4work.com/files/a4c/act4casl_lcap_installer.exe
Setup Instructions: http://kb.act4work.com/index.php?solutions_id=1009

PRICE: $200/year

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Delivering fruitful CRM solutions since 1994, Keystroke is the #1 Act! Reseller in the World and Master Act! Distributor for Canada.

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