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What's New in
Act! Premium Plus

 Custom tables unleash the full potential of Act!

Do you maintain complex data separate from Act!, because you struggle to find the right place for insurance policy details, product catalogs, or project management dates? Do you sell more than one product or service to the same customer, and have had difficulty recording that information in Act? Act! Premium Plus with custom tables is the answer.

Custom Tables Manager provides maximum adaptability so you can bring complex data sets, unique businesses processes, contracts, products, and specialized industry practices together in Act!. But unlike spreadsheets, this data is right inside your Act! database, where it can easily be found, filtered, and reported on, and where you can associate individual table entries to Act! contacts, companies, groups, and opportunities for easy reference. Plus, you get the benefits of CRM to action on the data—create activities and to-dos, send follow-up emails, engage in informed sales conversations, and much more.


Fast Facts about the New Act! Premium Plus

The Features Your Business need to Act! Better

Import industry themes instantly to be more productive today!

With Act! Premium Plus's integrated library of industry themes, even new users can have a customized database tailor fit to their unique business needs instantly. Benefit from shared industry insights in building your database without the delay or cost.

  • Themes for managing events, insurance policies, loans, mortgages, product, projects, real estate, services, and software tracking, as well as consulting & support services are all available today in the Act! Premium Plus library, with many more to come.
  • Use pictures to better illustrate your products, real estate listings, photos, or illsutrations of any kind
  • Create tabs within your custom records to better organize the data for your users by keeping less important details out of immediate view.
  • Available to Act! Premium Plus Subscribers only

Store all your business data in one place with Act! Premium Plus

Don't rely on multiple sources of data like spreadsheets, Access, or accounting records when you can easily store everything in Act! for more efficient, centralized management

  • Store all the products or services you sell to a customer, and view those products at the contact, company, group, or opportunity level
  • Nest tables with tables to track service against products you sell, or support incidents under a service contract.
  • Track contracts like insurance policies, mortgages, loans, leases, and warranties within Act! Premium Plus, and be able to see them under the contact, or view your entire book of business under the global list view. Create an "Active/Inactive" checkbox field to disable expired contracts for even more efficent contract management.

Fresh, new look to your Act! data with custom tables

Manage your custom table data with efficiency that is simply not possible within contact, companies, or groups.

  • Easily find what your looking for with easy to filter column headers. Filter by character values, dates, and numbers across one column or many
  • With currency or number fields in list view you can calculate all the values in a column with the right-click of the mouse with the "Summary" feature enabled
  • Build advanced Queries within these tables, or use the simple "Quick filter" to search for a keyword across all columns in Listview
  • Share these lists with people outside your team by filtering to the results you want, and the Export to Excel with a single click of the mouse
  • Group similar type records with the Group feature, and calculate values within each group for greater insights into your business
  • Easily Mail merge custom table data to one or more contacts based on the ListView
  • Complete mass search/replace functions to massage or update the data in your custom tables, and save countless hours of time doing tedious data entry
  • If one of your contacts leaves the company, you can easily reassign some or all of their custom records to another contact within the company. Try doing that with contact fields!

Available to Act! Premium Plus Subscribers only

New field types and features in Act! Premium Plus

Act! Premium Plus introduces a number of new field and features previously not available in Act!

  • Dependant dropdown fields (sometimes know as "cascading dropdowns") are allow users to enter data in one field, that will automatically filter the drop down choices in another. For instance, if you select "Canada" as for a country field in custom tables, the State/Province field can be configured to display only provinces. This saves time in data entry and leads to more reliable data over all.
  • Sequential fields are fields in custom tables that can be configured to automatically populate with the next number in sequence. This is ideal for support tickets, product or contract numering, or anything of the sort. Remote databases can be configrued with unique prefixes and suffixes to avoid duplicate data.
  • Use the migration feature to bring contact field data you used to store in your Act! database (like mortgages) that you would like to now manage within custom tables. Act! Premium Plus allwos you to map these contact fields to custom fields based on a Contact Lookup.
  • Calculated Fields allow you to accelerate data entry and avoid the trouble of building in C# scripting to produce the same results. These results can then be calculated with the Summary feature in ListView for greater time savings.

There are countless unique features to the custom tables within Act! Premium Plus to make your business more accountable, more efficient, and deliver more reliable data in one centralized place. Available to Act! Premium Plus Subscribers only

Video Training Library

Check our the Swiftpage training library of videos below to get you up and running with custom tables in Act! Premium Plus.

Introduction to custom tables


Using custom table templates


Managing custom tables


Managing fields in tables


Working with Layouts


Sequential Fields in Tables


Cascading Dropdowns


Filtering Columns in Listview


Nesting Custom Tables


Importing & Migrating


Searching in custom tables


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