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QuickBooks & Act!


QuickBooks Integration with Act!

Whether you're looking to share contact & accounting information between Quickbooks, or simply reduce the amount of double entry between the programs, having Quickbooks integration with Act! is a useful feature. The Actcessory product you choose for this, though, really depends on your deployment type, so it's important to understand the difference before choosing an integration product. The following two products are the ones we recommend to our customers.
  • The following Quickbooks integration solutions are for the Desktop version of Act! and QuickBooks, and not the online version of either product.
  • Please note that Effective Solutions, the makers of Qsales Data listed below, also make an accounting integration between Act! and Sage 50 (USA edition)
  • Limited integration between Act! for Web and Quickbooks Online is available through a Zapier connections, which you can learn more about HERE.

QSales Data - QuickBooks Link for Act!

Take your business to a new level of efficiency by linking your ACT! and QuickBooks applications together.
Having separate ACT! and QuickBooks databases can be a major source of inefficiency and duplicate work. With our QuickBooks link for ACT! you eliminate double-entry and make your ACT! and QuickBooks users more productive.


$159.00 -- One-user License
$149.00 -- Five or more
$139.00 -- Ten or more

QSales Data - Features

Link ACT! Records to QuickBooks Customers

  • Use our Customer Link Wizard to link all of your ACT records to QuickBooks customers. Click Here to see a video example of this feature.

Create QuickBooks Customers from Records in ACT!

  • The days of double-entry are gone! Click on a button on our QSalesData toolbar and create a customer in QuickBooks using the Contact record in ACT!. Click Here to a see video example of this feature.

Push Address Changes between ACT! and QuickBooks

  • You no longer need to make your address changes in 2 places. Once you get QSalesData implemented, you simply tell your users to make all of their address updates in either ACT! or QuickBooks, and then once a day or once a week you can run our Contact Data Sync program to push the addresses from ACT! to QuickBooks or vice versa. Click here to see a video example of this feature.

Create QuickBooks transactions (invoice, sales order, estimate, etc.) from within ACT!

  • Using the QSalesData toolbar, you can pull up a customer in ACT! and quickly create transactions in QuickBooks. Click Here to see a video example of this feature.

View QuickBooks Transactions from within ACT!

  • This is one of the most powerful features of the QSalesData product. You can give you ACT! users access to QuickBooks transaction data without giving them access to QuickBooks. Our product imports the QuickBooks transactions (invoices, estimates, payments, etc.) into a tab in ACT! called QB Transactions. The ACT! user can quickly see all of the transactions for that customer, and they can even double-click on the transactions to see the line item detail. All without having QuickBooks on their machine. Click here to see a video example of this feature.

View QuickBooks Items purchased from within ACT!

  • Our customers love this tab! Pull up a customer in ACT!, and you can quickly see all of the Items they have purchased recently. You can't even get this information from QuickBooks. QuickBooks makes you double-click on each invoice to see what they purchases. This is a huge time saver! Click Here to see a video example of this feature.

View 5 years of Sales Totals, Past Due Balances, and other key sales metrics in ACT!

  • We add a QB Data Tab to your ACT! Layout. You can quickly evaluate the sales of a customer. Never again sell more goods or services to a customer that has past due balances. Your ACT! users can actually help you collect because they can see the past due balance info right in ACT!. You can also quickly see key metrics like Last Invoice Date, First Invoice Date, Average Sales Amount and Lifetime Sales Amount. Click Here to see a video example of this feature.


Lookup Customers in ACT! by Items Purchased

  • Target market like never before. QSalesData gives you a LOOKUP ITEM button that lets you pull up all customers that purchased a particular item within a date range you specify. You can use this key sales information to up-sell and cross-sell your customers. Click Here to see a video example of this feature.

Convert ACT! Opportunities to QuickBooks Transactions (ACT! 2010 and higher)

  • If you are running ACT! 2010 or higher, your ACT! users can create Opportunities in ACT! that can be converted directly to QuickBooks transactions when they are sold. We synchronize the QuickBooks Item list into the ACT! product list, so when ACT! users are adding products to their Opportunity, they are actually picking items from the QuickBooks Items list. When sold, someone in the back office that has QuickBooks and ACT! on their computer can pull up that Opportunity and quickly convert it to a QuickBooks transaction (invoice, sales order, etc.). Click Here to see a video example of this feature.

All data resides in ACT! fields and synchronizes out to ACT! remote databases

  • We are the only QuickBooks Link solution that imports data into the ACT! database. That gives you the ability to use this information in ACT! lookups, include it in the Contact List view, Reports and Dynamic groups. And because we store it in the ACT! database, all of this information syncs out to remote ACT! databases, so your salespeople that are on the road will have this information at their fingertips.

Watch a 10-minutes Video Product Overview

Want to Try before you Buy?

A trial period is built into QSalesData.
After installing the QSalesData software, it will run in fully functional "trial mode" for 15 days. After 15 days you are required to purchase a license and register the product to continue using QSalesData. The product creates a lot of fields in your ACT! database, so you may not want to run a trial on your production ACT! database. You can always make a backup copy of your ACT! database in order to do your testing.
Our Nightly Transaction Sync program will not work with a trial version of QSalesData. You need a licensed copy of QSalesData in order to get the Nightly Transaction Sync program to function.

Download QSalesData Tria Version

System Requirements

For a list of software system requirements for Qsales Data and Act!, please click HERE.


For a list of training and demonstration videos Qsales Data, please click HERE.

QSales Data Demonstration Video

Keystroke is a member of the QuickBooks Certified Advisory program, and as such can sell & support their products.
We do not offer accounting or bookkeeping services.


  • Monthly ($15 USD)
  • Annually ($125 USD)
  • Bi-Annually ($179)

XACT Link for Act! & QuickBooks

The Xact Link for Act! & QuickBooks is an application which allows Act! users to connect to selected QuickBooks accounting products; in doing so it provides ACT! users with the ability to view QuickBooks customer information, and update and enter customer data to QuickBooks - all from within Act!.

The link operates as a tab within the Contact detail view within ACT!. There is also a menu item provided within the Tools menu. The key element with Xact Link's integration is it is "dynamic", which is to say the information is live and always up to date, as opposed to some snapshot taken the day before when the list of updates were batch upload to Act!. It is also important to note that remote users require a VPN to connect to the accounting file, so it may not be the perfect fit for road warriors.



  • New! Vendor Overview: Show vendor balance and brief vendor information
  • New! Vendor Bill: View and drill into unpaid bills
  • New! Customer Item Summary Report: Print report to show item(s) purchased by customer within a date period.
  • New! Customer Item Sales History: View a list of all the items a customer has purchased and create new transactions based on past purchases. Learn more...
  • New! Stock Levels & Monitoring: View QuickBooks stock level information from within ACT! and set monitoring alarms for when stock is low, needs re-ordering or has run out. Learn more...
  • New! Vendor Overview: Show vendor balance and brief vendor information
  • New! Vendor Bill: View and drill into unpaid bills
  • Establish a connection between your ACT! contacts and QuickBooks customers. Learn more...
  • Update a QuickBooks customer record from within ACT!
  • View and Create Estimates, Sales Orders, Invoices and Sales Receipts for a given QuickBooks customer from within ACT!
  • Integrates with the ACT! Opportunities Module: Easily convert ACT! Opportunities to QuickBooks sales documents.
  • Supports QuickBooks customer and item level pricing
  • View aged receivables from ACT!
  • View and create new vendor Purchase Orders.
  • Use customised templates to print out, create PDF files or Email customer's sales records from within ACT!
  • Ensure staff have access to only what they need through the administrator's, Access Control feature. Learn more...
  • Reporting functionality including Sales History and Stock on Hand reports, and a Google Map of all your customers.Learn more...
  • Link for ACT! and QuickBooks - Lite. Learn more...
  • Integration with the Xact Time & Billing product. Learn more...

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