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With so many CRM choices on the market, why choose Act!?

Why choose Act! over the manual methods you have outgrown, or over other CRM solutions? A number of reasons, but first, you should know that Act! is the proven market leader with 3 million fanatical users worldwide. In fact, it’s the #1 selling Contact and Customer Manager, and has been for over 30+ years.
The reasons are simple. It's easy to learn, easy to customize, and easy to start using right away. Employers love it because new sales people often have some experience with Act!, and can hit the ground running when they join the team. We know many other solutions don't have the longevity to claim the same, nor can they boast the same level of customer loyalty that Act! has enjoyed.
Act! makes it easy for you to manage anything and everything related to your contacts and calendar. Think of it as your business’ command center that serves up relevant relationship details and also connects to powerful, subscription-based sales and marketing services, desktop and web-based productivity tools, and social media to help you get results.

To download our PDF brochure on the Act! Premium Portfolio options, please click HERE.

Act! at a glance

Act! - CRM Solution for a Mobile World!

Act! is many things to many people

Over 72,000 companies in 150 countries use Act! every day to grow their business.
Here are a few reasons why!

Build Relationships

Act! allows you to record and manage all the details of your customer relationships in one centralized place to ensure you always know what makes them tick, and when & why to contact them.

Act! Mobility

In the office or on the road, Act! is where you're at! Powerful mobile tools like Handheld Contact enable you to always have your vital database information at your fingertips.

Juice your Sales!

Act! powerful sales tools allow you to effectively manage pipelines, provide keen performance indicators, and accurately forecast income all within one application. 

Integrate your Apps

Act! works with a variety of business solutions including Microsoft® Office®, Lotus Notes®, QuickBooks®, and many other business solutions available today - with many more available through integration solutions.

Act! is affordable

Act! has a low subscription fee that includes everything you need, including the Act! software, all updates & upgrades, support, emarketing, training videos, and if needed, even hosting of your database.

Business Insights

Act! provides you business critical insights on your company, your customers, your marketing and your team, enabling you to make informed decisions about your business performance and direction.

Hosting Options

Want to deploy Act! but lack the network infrastructure to support it? No problem. Act! hosting can help your team with fast and economical setup, a centralized hub for all your staff, and publish your database for browsers and mobile devices.

User Community

Act! provides you with a variety of resources including a large user community and a vast, mature partner network that give you immediate answers to questions about using Act!, training, customizations, and Actcessories.

Act! Emarketing

Act! Emarketing gives you a simple way to grow your business by regularly communicating with your contacts. Create and send professional, eye-catching email campaigns that fit the style of your brand, that provide you vital click thru statistics.

Solid Security

Act! security operates on the database, user, contact, and field level to safeguard your data from both internal and external threats. Additional security is available at the sync level to dynamically control who sees what based on sync rules.

Syncing when online

Whether you're at the cottage, on a plane, or in a remote location, Act! allows to continue working offline without interruption and then sync your changes when you're back online. Unlike other CRM solutions, Act! ensures you never lose access to your data.

Sales Automation

With tools like the Knowtifier, your business can build bullet proof workflow automation to ensure you never miss a contract renewal, warranty expiry, birthday, or anniversary. Deliver timely notices to your customers and automatically schedule follows for your team.

Industry Verticals

Why buy off the rack when there are ready made solutions for your industry? Keystroke makes Actcessories for mortgage brokers, wealth managers, real estate agents, tech support, and even subscription services, just to name a few. 

Productivity Tools

Act! is great out of the box, but quality Actcessories unleash the full potential of this remarkable CRM product. Custom tables, quoting and data management tools, as well as slew of other productivity tools can save you time and money.

Easy to learn

Act! is easy to learn with many free quickstart learning resources available. In fact, employers using Act! often find onboarding new staff easier because so many people have used Act! in previous jobs, and are quick to adapt to the program. 

Customer Satisfaction

Act! enjoys one of the most loyal followings of any CRM product on the market. While many CRM programs come and go, Act! has been the #1 selling Contact and Customer Manager in the world for 30 years (since 1987), with over 3 million users.

Who we are?

Specializing in CRM software for small to medium sized businesses, through expert counsel, deployment, hosting, support, and development services.

Delivering fruitful CRM solutions since 1994, Keystroke is the #1 Act! Reseller in the World and Master Act! Distributor for Canada.

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