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123 Sync


123 Sync connects your Act!

123 Sync is the ultimate solution to sync Act! with your connected world. Our dedicated server application synchronizes data 24/7 and provides additional enhancements that make it ideal as a gateway product to sync Smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows 7/8 phones/tablets. Main features:

  • Unlimited contacts, calendar, tasks, and emails
  • Unlimited users
  • Fast, multi-user, multi-database configuration
  • Server-Only installation with 24/7 uptime and single point of maintenance.
  • Smartphone/Tablet enhancements to reverse sync actions from the field into Act!.
  • Cloud, Exchange, and Outlook connectivity and easy to setup.
  • Experienced staff to aid you in setup, maintenance and provision of a long-term solution.

Let 123 Sync synchronize your data your connected world via Exchange!

123 Sync for Act! and Outlook/Exchange - NEW FEATURES

Calendar/Tasks Sync

Scheduling of new Calendar and Tasks from Outlook/Exchange is matched to the Act! Contact by contact link and recipient entry.

What it means

Any new Calendar or Tasks from Outlook/Exchange is synched to the correct contact in Act! as long as:

  • There is a contact or contacts in Act! with a matching email address (or search field) or,
  • The contact has been synched to Outlook/Exchange from Act!
  • You can schedule Activities in Outlook/Exchange without having to sync the contact.
  • Imported Activities are correctly matched to their Act! Contacts
  • Proper Scheduling via email becomes possible
  • Best integration of Calendar with Act!
Recurring Events. Full sync support, including series, exceptions, deletions and clearing.
Option to Add contact in Act! when an Activity from Outlook/Exchange does not have a matching Act! Contact.
Support of Activity Tagging for single and recurring activities.
Support of Cut & Paste of Activities

Email Integration, Privacy and Email Address Matching

Up to 10 Fields Supported

What it means

Up to 10 different fields to search the Act! database for corresponding Email related fields. These matching can either be email or field value search.


  • 10 fields to search Act! from incoming emails.
Email search strategy can be sender email or email plus a delimited string on the subject line
Privacy Settings Support. User can now determine whether emails are recorded as private or public.
Bounced Email Detection. New technology allows 123 Sync to detect bounced emails.

Bounced Email Detection

Bounced emails detection when integrating emails.

What it means

Users can now automatically have 123 Sync detect which contacts have incorrect email addresses from their Bounced emails.


  • Awesome new technology where Bounced emails are detected and the offending contact in Act! is flagged.
  • No more sending emails to nowhere....
  • 20% of emails go "bounce" in a database every year. This allows users to maintain and improve customer service
User Editable Bounced Emails Identifiers.
Set a contact field when the email bounces

Windows Sync Service

Improved Sync Service

What it means

A new and much better Windows Sync Service. Even if the system is shutdown while synchronizing, the next time the sync is due, the new windows service will sync.


  • Always syncs, even when interrupted
  • If the machine is turned on and working, 123 Sync Service will always sync.

Data Consistency

Timed Force Overwrite instructs 123 Sync to overwrite data from Act! to Outlook or Exchange after a number of syncs

What it means

Ensures that all the data from Act! is transferred to Outlook/Exchange on a regular basis.

Why is this feature provided? We've seen the Act! interface (and addons) not updating the modification time of Act! contacts and activities when data changes on the record. Since 123 Sync only updates items that have been modified after the last sync, these erroneous items are ignored. The timed overwrite simply ensures that ALL data is regularly updated even if modification times are incorrectly set by Act!


  • Ensures data consistency
  • Provides a user-controllable interface to time these operations in the background.

Compatibilities and Limitations

  • Compatible with Act! 2007 through Act! 2013
  • Compatible with Outlook 2000 through 2010, Exchange 2003 through 2010
  • Compatible with ALL post 2000 Windows operating systems, including all Servers

Relevant Links

Please find below a list of relevant link to make your understanding of our product easier.


We have just finished producing new YouTube video tutorials that demonstrate the amazing capabilities of 123 Sync on connecting Act! with the World as well as adding functionality and integration with Outlook/Exchange/Smartphones.

Click on the underline linked text to view the tutorials. Enjoy!

For the full llist of video tutorials, click here.

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