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Keystroke Plugins for Act!

Free Act! plugins save time,
with no money!

Our FREE Act! Plugins

Many of the major Act! vendors provide Free Act! Plugins to help the Act! Community and provide greater exposure to their product line. Keystroke happily offers the same, and we've assembled a selection below for our customers to use, along with our favourite offerings from other vendors.
The following represents a short list of some of our more popular free Act plugins:

Free Act! Plugins

Contact GUID2Field:
Contact GUID2Field: GUID2Field is a freebie for copying the unique ID of contact records to another contact table field. The contact GUID is not normally visible in the Act! database, but it is an essential field for exporting data from your database and then importing it again.
The Contact GUID field will ensure everything maps to the appropriate contact during import. Conventional methods of using contact names or email fields are not nearly as accurate and can cause duplicate data to be imported.


Keystroke Koncatenator
Keystroke Koncatenator: As the name implies, take the values from two fields and concatenate them into a third field, with the addition of an optional separator. Great for cleaning up address fields or any types of data fields that need to be combined into one without the headache of exporting the data from Act!, then using Excel to concatenate them, only to have to import them back into Act! again.
Do it all in one step with the Keystroke Koncatenator


Activity Re-assigner
Activity Re-assigner: Ever want to re-assign a lot of activities to a new user that is either temporarily filling in for someone, or has been assigned as an assistant to help with another user's tasks?
The process of drilling into each task and re-assigning them to the new user can be daunting, especially if they're hundreds of them.
The Keystroke Activity Re-assigner solves that problem by installing a simple utility into Act! that allows you to select multiple tasks and re-assign them in one-step to another user.
Simple to use, and it's free from Keystroke.


Open quote monitor (Navlet)
Open quote monitor: Have a field on the homescreen that alerts you to whether there is an open opportunity for that contact. This is intended to help with sales teams where reps could accidently quote a customer that is already working with another rep.


* The dll needs to be dropped into the "Tools" folder within your "C:Program Files (x86)ACTAct for Windows" directory
* Some free ACT addons are not visilbe in ACT!. To prevent this you must ensure that the addon file you download is not blocked before installing the product. After downloading and unzipping the addon right click on the .dll file and go to "Properties > General tab" and hit the "unblock" button. If the .dll file has not been blocked there will be no unblock button visible.
Opportunity Region:
Opportunity Region: If you need to track which territory opportunities are located in, this is a handy tool. It will update Opps on the fly as they're created, or update them in batches based on the State/Province field.

Postpone Reboot
Postpone Reboot: If you have to install an application like Act!, and your computer asks you to restart first, "Postpone Reboot" can help. It makes a small edit to the registry to remove that prompt and allow you to safely install your application, and then it removes the registry change with a single mouse click.

Fix for modem message when launching Act!
Many users are frustrated by the "configure modem" display window that pops up every time they launch Act!, and countless little tricks fail to cure this irritating delay.
This link below was designed to modify the registry to solve this problem. It is not an installer, but rather a registry dump that requires the user to have local admin privileges on the computer they run it on.


Simply unzip to the desktop and run.

Copy from Character to Memo Field
Copy from Character to Memo Field: If you find that you need to convert an existing character field to a memo field to support more text, you'll quickly discover Act! doesn't support this. Nor does it support copying the character field data to a new memo field, which could be a problem if you've been entering data into the old field for a while. Copy from Character to Memo Field solves that problem, as it does precisely what it's name suggest

Classic Orange Act! Icon
Classic Orange Icon: If you hate the new blue Act! icon as much as we do, and would like an Act! program icon that doesn't blend into the Word, Outlook, IE, Edge, Skype, OneDrive, and Photoshop icons, download this classic orange icon.
Simply right-click on your existing blue Act! icon, select properties, change icon, and replace it with the icon available below. Viola, now you can quickly distinguish Act! on your taskbar from all your other applications.


OppHIstory4Act!: Something that annoys Act! users is that if you create a History record for an Opportunity, it doesn't automatically link that History to the Contact record.

We've created a simple plugin for Act! that fixes this. Simply install the plugin, and then when you create a History record for an Opportunity, it will automatically link that History to the Contact (or Contacts, if more than one) that are attached to that Opportunity. Simple!



  • Xact Gmail account button ** FREE
  • Xact Bulk Company Linked Fields Update Utility ** FREE
  • Xact Outlook Contacts Add-on ** FREE
  • Opportunity Duplicator ** FREE
  • New! Xact Bulk Opportunities Status Update ** FREE
  • New! Xact Activity ID Status ** FREE
  • New!  Edit Append ** FREE

  • ContactLess Companies for Act!
  • Email Addresses Lookup
  • Additional Alarm Lead Times
  • Change the default Lookup Field
  • Reschedule Multiple Activities at Once
  • New History Fix

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