The Internet was down Friday? I hadn't noticed.

Act! software. Check!

QuoteWerks. Check!

Quickbooks. Check!

Handheld Contact. Check!

On Friday afternoon our CTO walked into my office and reported our upload speeds were down to dial-up rates, and he'd have to reboot the office router. It was 5PM, so I didn't hesitate to authorize it, but then one of our remote employees messaged me reporting the Internet outages going on across North America, with a heavy concentration in the North East - precisely where we're at.

It seemed amazing to me that we can have three offices in full production all day long and remain unaware of this continental service outage, but then I was reminded we use mostly on-premise software. Our CRM software is, of course, Act!; our accounting system is QuickBooks Enterprise (desktop edition); our quoting software is QuoteWerks; and even our mobility software is Handheld Contact, which only needs the Internet to update, not work.

on-premise; online

2016-10-23 11:54:19

Actoberfest is here again, and it's time to save!


Celebrate "Actoberfest" with us, as we offer 10% off all Act! Subscriptions signed up in October!

It’s that time of year again, and Keystroke is delighted to announce the start of our 3rd annual “Actoberfest” sale. Come celebrate with us as we offer great discounts on all new Act! subscription purchases.

More than just another sale, "Actoberfest" is about change. The change in season ushers in new colours, new climate, and most importantly, a new version of Act!.

Yes, that's right, Act! v19 is scheduled to be released the week of November 8th, and we want to celebrate the month leading up to this release by offering 10% savings to all Act! customers looking to add users to their team, or upgrade to the current version of Act!. 

Unlike in years past when we offered "early bird" discounts in advance of a new release, Act! subscription offers you the opportunity to take advantage of seasonal savings without the wait.


2016-10-16 23:54:13

Act! v19 will soon be here

We're pleased to announce the imminent release of Act! v19.0, the newest version of the #1 best-selling contact and customer manager, with enhancements to Microsoft Office compatibility, Act! emarketing and web user functionality!

Act! v19.0, expected to be released the week of November 8th, delivers the features and improvements detailed below:


Compatible with Microsoft Office 64-bit
Improves support for popular business applications used by our customers.

  • Includes native support for 64-bit variants of Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and 2016.
  • Provides the same Outlook, Word and Excel integration functionality currently available with 32-bit Office installations.

act! v19

2016-10-16 23:33:16
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