What can Sage ACT! & SalesLogix customers expect from the sale to SwiftPage

Posted On Wednesday - 24 April 2013

Why have you sold to Swiftpage?
Swiftpage has partnered with us for years, and knows our products and customers well. With access to new technology and resources, Swiftpage can deliver even more innovative, and integrated, products and services that help micro, small and medium sized businesses convert, retain and grow customers.

Who is Swiftpage?
Swiftpage has long been a partner with Sage ACT!/ Sage SalesLogix in providing Sage E-marketing services, and is the company behind the best digital marketing platform for small businesses. To find out more about Swiftpage, take a look at their website.

What is Swiftpage’s strategy for these businesses?
Swiftpage will continue to manage Sage ACT! and Sage SalesLogix “business as usual” and leverage the best of all products to deliver even more innovative, and integrated, products and services that help customers continuously grow their businesses.

When will Sage complete these deals?
This is dependent on regulatory approvals and process. There will be several weeks until the deals close. Sage will retain ownership throughout this period and will work with Swiftpage to ensure this is handled as smoothly and professionally as possible for our people, customers and partners. Swiftpage will assume ownership once the sale is closed.

Where do customers go for support?
During the transition period, nothing changes. If any contact details do change, we will let you know.

Will our contracts/pricing be affected?
No, we will continue to honour the terms and conditions of our existing contracts.

Will how much I pay and the way I pay it change as part of this sale?
No, the amount that you pay for your software or support will not change. For example if you pay by direct debit it will still be the same monthly installments.

What if I have a package including Sage ACT!?
Package customers will be supported by either Sage, or after completion of the transaction, Swiftpage International for ACT! Sage will contact customers to talk through options at your next renewal.

How will this sale affect current implementations/my implementation?
It should have no impact on any current implementations.

Will I be talking to the same people who look after Sage ACT!?
Yes, the same Sage ACT! Team will be there to answer your every query.

Will we still be able to communicate with Sage ACT! and Sage SalesLogix service/support etc. through existing phone, web and online communities? Will the contact information (phone numbers, website, etc) change as part of this sale?
Yes, communication channels will remain open through the transitional period and beyond, as it is our priority to stay connected with customers. Contact information will not change at this time. These will likely change at some point and we will communicate updates to you ahead of making these changes.

Will the opening times change as a result of this sale?
No, the opening times will not change.

What does this sale mean for us?
It will be “business as usual” so we can make this transition as seamless as possible for our customers. Current customer contracts will be assumed by Swiftpage at completion of sale. Implementation projects in process will continue as scheduled and our sales activities will continue to focus on customer needs and solutions. At the same time, our support organization will stay focused on resolving customer issues.

Will this affect which business partner I work with and how they support my business?
With this sale, your relationship with and support from your business partner should not change. From your perspective, it should be business as usual.

Will the product development leadership for these products remain or be changed?
Swiftpage is acquiring these businesses based on their success to date, and to be able to further develop and deliver innovative products and services to all its customers. Swiftpage expects to follow and enhance the roadmap. The Swiftpage team are excited that the people of ACT! and SalesLogix will be joining them.

Why did Sage SalesLogix 8.0 launch just before this ownership transition?
Our customers’ needs drive our business, and even as we go through this transition, it’s important to us to minimize the impact of that transition on our customers. It was time to launch Sage SalesLogix 8.0, and so we launched – our primary goal is taking care of our customers.

Will the Sage ACT! product and service offerings be changing as part of this sale?
No, the same products and services will be available. Any future changes in our product and services offerings will be communicated to you in advance.

Are any of Sage ACT!’s connected services changing?
No, all Sage ACT!’s connected services (Sage Emarketing for ACT!, Sage ACT! Connect, Sage Business Information Services for ACT!) will remain the same.

Does this mean that Sage is exiting the CRM segment? Is CRM no longer important to Sage?
No, Sage is not exiting the CRM segment and has no plans to do so. Our vision is to be the most valuable supporter of SMBs worldwide by creating the freedom for them to succeed. CRM is a key element of this vision, and will be delivered via Sage CRM, our CRM solution that integrates with our Sage ERP solutions..

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