Keystroke now in a virtual tie for 1st in Canada, and 3rd in North America for ACT! Sales

Posted On Wednesday - 24 April 2013

The results are in for the first half year sales of the 2013 fiscal year, and Keystroke is now in a virtual tie for 3rd place in North America, and #1 in Canada of ACT! sales. We have worked hard the last few years to establish ourselves as one of the largest, most successful ACT! reseller & support teams in North America, and we’re proud to see these efforts pay off.
Over the last few months Keystroke has been well ensconced in 4th place, as little changed amongst the top five on the leader board that consists of 200 North American ACT! Consultants. However, with the recent release of the sales standings for the first half of FY2013, we learned that less than a single license of ACT! Premium ($383) separates us from our friends in Quebec, Contactik.
We’re proud of our team as we just recently added another full time ACT! Certified Consultant, James Paulus, to the fold. James has been with Keystroke since our inception in 1994, but his efforts to date have mostly been on managing the office, and less frontline support. With his recent certification, James will begin to take a more active roll in supporting our ACT! customers, and we welcome the support.
Our existing team of myself, Amanda Bolah, and Sorel Gomez, work hard to support one of the largest ACT! customers bases in the world, but more help is needed as we continue to grow.
Keystroke customers enjoy unique benefits with our advanced online support ticketing system, our own self-hosted FTP site for accessing all versions of ACT!, our own Knowledge Base, Blog, interactive and feature rich website & shopping cart, as well as our broad knowledge of the ACT! product line and add-ons.
It may sound cliché, but our success is due to customer loyalty and trust. Two assets we never intend to take for granted as we move into the second half of the 2013 Fiscal Year..

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