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Creating a Contact from a Company…

Posted On Sunday - 28 April 2013

The post above this one shows you how to quickly create a company from an existing contact. The inverse can also be done to quickly create a contact from a company, saving you time as address and other basic contact data are quickly copied to the new contact.

Creating a Contact from a Company

1. In ACT!, click the Companies button in the navigation bar to open the Companies view.
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2. Select a Company from the Companies list/tree, and then click the Companies > Create Contact from Company.


3. The contact is created with the address, phone, and ID/Status data already completed. Simply type a name, and any other relevant details and your contact is created! Additionally, the company and contact will automatically be linked to one another.

Using this tip, you’ll be able to quickly create contacts and link them to the appropriate company in a couple mouse clicks!

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