Changes to VIP Plans save customers both Time & Money

Posted On Sunday - 3 January 2016

Happy New Year

VIP-ClubAs we usher in 2016, we wanted to announce some changes we’ve made for our exclusive VIP Support Plans..

We’ve tweaked our VIP Support plans based on customer feedback, and our desire to reward customers for loyalty and on-time renewals. Effective today, we’ve made the following changes to our VIP support Plans:

  1. We’ve raised the entry price of the VIP and VIP+ plans, while reducing the price for renewals, which directly benefits you (see new rates below).
    The renewal price is now 10% less than the regular price for all our VIP Plans, and that discount can be redeemed by entering a coupon code at ‘s online checkout (this promo code is only given toe existing VIP customers at time of renewal).
  2. With your “on time” renewal, you will now have all your unused time from the previous year’s VIP contract carried over to the new VIP contract. Guaranteed value!
  3. We’ve added a third plan called “VIP Diamond”, which includes support from Level 3 techs for programming, training, scripting, and advanced break/fix or deployment support
  4. You will now receive multiple automated renewal notifications leading up to your VIP renewal date to ensure you have plenty of opportunity to take advantage of these renewal benefits (some of you may have already received your first notification).

For your reference, your annual VIP subscription will be up for renewal on 05/28/2016, and your current plan is VIP.  The email we have associated with this support plan is

Please note that only eligible orders will be processed.

VIP Membership Type Renewal Price Regular Price
VIP $134.95 $149.95
VIP+ $296.95 $329.95
VIP Diamond $494.95 $549.95

To receive your 10% discount and the carry-over of any unused VIP support time, please order online before the renewal date at the following secure link:

Renewing customers that upgrade or downgrade their VIP contracts on time are still eligible for all renewal benefits.

If you have any questions, kindly contact us at 1-800-857-0558, or simply email

Thank You,.

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