ACT! Business Care on sale for 50% off during April

Posted On Saturday - 6 April 2013

New purchasers of ACT! software have a phenomenal opportunity to bundle Silver or Gold Business Care with their purchase at half the normal cost. Business Care is normally discounted compared to renewal pricing, but to discount it another 50% is a deal few of our customers are passing up.
To put it simply, Sage Business Care is the best, most economical way to keep your important business software current and compatible with the other applications you use. Business Care is structured in three tiers, Bronze, Silver, and Gold to offer different levels of benefits based on the user needs.  The following is a link with more information on the different Business Care options and benefits:  While these different packages offer different benefits, the one benefit included in all of them is the next ACT! upgrade is provided at no extra cost.

Why is this important?
Latest Technology: Well to begin with, ACT! is like any annually released software product in that it is impossible to guarantee forward compatibility with the environment in which it works. For example, customers that purchased ACT! 2010 found out six months later that MS Office 2010 did not work with it. Business Care Subscribers received a compatible upgrade a few months later and were happy, but those that didn’t had to either downgrade their office or upgrade their ACT! software at a cost much higher than Business Care. This cycle repeated itself again when Internet Explorer 9 & 10 were released by Microsoft, and most recently with Windows 8 and Office 2013.
Another reason is the new features that come with each new release. Technology has never seen a faster rate of change than what we’re currently experiencing, and the best way to harness the power of these advances is to use software that supports them. For example, in the last six month we’ve seen improved social media integration, HTML5 support for Tablets and PDA’s, as well as full Gmail compatibility. The next release, namely ACT! 2014, promises to include features like calculated fields, age calculators, increased web administration (including being able to add fields and change layouts with ACT! for Web), exportable Histories to Excel, and improved Company management, as well as a host of mobile improvements. In fact, ACT! 2014 promises to be one of the most feature rich releases in the last five years, and if you’re a Business Care subscriber, you get it at no extra costs!

ACT! Piece of Mind Tech Support: The final reason is technical support. While Bronze includes no support, Silver and Gold offer either unlimited Level 1 or 2 technical support. Get the help you need to keep your business running smoothly, because you have access to expert ACT! Support Advisors ready to assist you with “how to” questions, show you time-saving shortcuts, and quickly resolve issues related to ACT!.
And having unlimited technical support is critical in the first year of using the program because it provides cost certainty when you’re likely to need tech support most. The Gold Support Plan includes support features like chat/email and phone support with guaranteed four-hour callback, including help from advanced level support specialists.

Training Videos & Sage ACT! Connect:  Save on valuable extras designed to get you up-to-speed and keep you productive, because you have access to online training with Sage ACT! Anytime Learning and mobile access to Sage ACT! with Sage ACT! Connect.

Sage ACT! Exceptional Value: To put some cost perspective to this, a bundled Gold Business Care subscription would normally cost approximately $250 per user for ACT! Premium, compared to upgrade costs that range from $260-300. When you consider that during April this is bundled with purchase at $125, and includes the next upgrade, unlimited Level 2 Support, Sage ACT! Connect, and Free Training Videos, this is a deal no new purchasers of ACT! should turn down..

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