Act! Subscription Price Increase on July 1st

Posted On Tuesday - 28 June 2016

ACT-dot_sOn July 1st, 2016 Swiftpage will be introducing some price changes that may be of interest to you. The price increases apply only to new customers to Act! Subscription after this date, but most renewing, “Loyalty” and “Act! Pro” customers will be unaffected.

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Windows 10 is coming! As an Act! user, are you ready?

Posted On Thursday - 2 June 2016

Since making the operating system available last year, Microsoft has been “encouraging” people to upgrade to Windows 10 to meet its goal of getting the OS on 1 billion devices by 2017.

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Keystroke acquires all of Hero Technical Solutions Act! add-ons

Posted On Wednesday - 25 May 2016

Keystroke is pleased to announce the purchase of all of Hero Technical Solutions Act! add-ons that make Act! users more efficient and profitable. The President of Hero Technical Solutions, Len Kamerman, joined our Keystroke Partner Program (KPP) last year, and has participated in many customer projects since that time, so it was a natural fit that we’d take over his Act! add-on projects, as well. Especially since one of his past developers joined our team in January last year, and can easily maintain/update the products moving forward.

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The best way to get Act! support for half the normal rate – the VIP way

Posted On Thursday - 19 May 2016

VIP offeringsEver want help getting your Act! network deployed, or get support with customization or even development, but afraid of the exorbitant consulting fees often involved?

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Top Six Reasons to choose Act!

Posted On Sunday - 1 May 2016

act-devices-011.  Flexibility of access

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What do you get by buying Act! through Keystroke, instead of directly from Swiftpage?

Posted On Saturday - 30 April 2016

Yup, we get this question a lot, as there is always a perceived benefit from dealing “direct” or with the manufacturer.

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What is CRM and which is right for you?

Posted On Saturday - 30 April 2016

CRM - iStock_000017285140XSmallSomewhere between the chaos of sticky notes and spreadsheets, lives an alternative. Imagine a business tool something that keeps all your phone numbers, emails, meeting notes, to-dos, business opportunities, and documents for everyone you do business with in one place.Now imagine social media integration and emarketing tools built into that same solution.
That business tool, of course, is a Customer Relationship Management application, otherwise known as a CRM.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a term used to describe the processes a company uses to track and organize its contacts with its current and prospective customers. CRM helps businesses to understand their customers’ needs and behaviours and therefore modify their business operations to improve the service provided to customers.

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Updated Annual Support Plans

Posted On Saturday - 30 April 2016

tech-support-icon-on-comput(5)_mTwo years ago this month we announced the launch of Keystroke’s Annual Support Plans (ASP), and judging from the number of subscribers, they’ve been extremely well received. Part of their success has been our commitment to continuously add value to the ASP the last couple of years, aside from the expansion and upgrading of our support team. So many additions have been included the last 24-months that we thought it would be useful to provide an update on the contents of the support packages available, including the recent addition of $357 worth of annual free perks.

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How to determine if your version of Office is “Click to Run”

Posted On Thursday - 28 April 2016

office-365With the release of Act v18, Swiftpage announced that it is now fully compatible with MS Office 2016, provided, of course, the version of Office is not 64-bit or Click-to-Run (CTR). The trouble is that telling the difference between the full on-premise version of Office 2013 and 2016 and the CTR versions is not quite as simple as you might guess. This has left many in the dark as to whether their seemingly “installed” version is, in fact, compatible with Act! v18.

The following article describes how to make that determination…

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Act! 18.1 is here!

Posted On Tuesday - 26 April 2016

act18-1On April 26th Swiftpage released the long awaited service pack to Act! 18, namely Act 18.1. This release offers a significant number of bug fixes, as well as new features and compatibility updates.
The following represents a short list of highlights from this service pack:

Compatibility Updates
Stay current with Act! and get support on the latest technology changes. Significant updates to the Act! Web platform.

  • Additional Act! Premium Web components have been upgraded to support Chrome and Internet Explorer 11 (without Compatibility Mode)

High DPI Fix
In recent years new high resolution monitors and laptop displays have created issues for Act! users. The issue was not so much the resolution, as much as the large system fonts (>125%) the operating systems had to be configured with to make these devices display comfortably to the eye.

Unfortunately previous versions of Act! required users to lower the display resolution and the system font size to get Act! to render properly. This issue became more complicated with Microsoft devices such as The Surface Pro 3+ and the new Surface Book, which used a 3:2 aspect ratio, instead of the traditional 16:9. With these devices, reducing the resolution actually created margins on the top & bottom, or on the sides – which actually reduced your visible work space.

Act 18.1 deploys a DPI fixer allowing users to use Act! on any monitor, with any resolution and font size. Continue reading